Artistic-Rendering-2Hi. Welcome to my website and blog. I write about things that matter to me: justice, mid-life dating, grief, blogs that inspire me both as a writer and a person, awesome writing workshops, what makes good writing and I post photos that you can use for your own blogs.

I hope that you’ll enjoy my writing and share your own writing with me so that we can become online friends. One of my goals is to make online friends with bloggers around the world of different religions, race and culture.



Missi Morgan is looking for a boyfriend. Maybe she’s just unlucky but she seems to attract the most unsuitable men you can imagine. After so many disappointing dates, her friends in The Dating Club persuade her to write about her experiences. At least some use could come from all these disheartening dates.

Missi’s Dating Adventures is an extension of the novel The Dating Club in which Missi is one of the main characters.

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Mourning Has Broken offers a moving and poignant look at grief and loss. In this collection of narrative non-fiction essays, the author speaks from the heart not only about the death of a dear sister but also about the mourning of a mother, a father, a dear friend, a career and a religion.

Readers who have known loss will find much to relate to in this book, and will particularly appreciate the author’s ability to be frank and open and at times humorous about feelings that might be difficult to acknowledge.