new kid on the blog

Getting A Blog Started

Thursday, June 17, 2010. I meet Marsha Lawrence at Concordia for she has generously offered to help me set up my blog. I am a stranger to Marsha. I met her just a week ago. She is the organizer of the Meetup  group Her New Self, a group where local women who are undergoing or making major life changes meet other women.

The first question she asks me regarding my blog is,”What is it’s purpose?”  

 I tell her that it is a blog I will use to showcase bits and pieces of my writing in an attempt to find an agent, a publisher for the books I am writing. Marsha shows me her blogs as illustration. I am filled with awe and the more she talks about her work the more my awe expands. She then gets down to the nitty-gritty business of actually getting me a blogging space.  She chooses WordPress as the blog software and the decisions begin:  Username. Password. Web address. Blog name. Choosing a template.  When I choose a template Marsha says, “That’s the same one I used when I had my dance school.” I look at her. The elastic of my awe stretches a bit more.  Later, as we are leaving Concordia she tells me that she has a tendency to start projects and hand them over for someone else to continue. Like her dance school. She did all the leg work and then when she felt it time to move on she gave it away. “Why didn’t you sell it?” I ask her.

From her answer I understand that she is a believer in the Universe providing and I am reminded of a quotation from Swami Kripalu which I keep on my desk:

“ The universe is exceedingly generous. When a farmer sows a seed, a plant comes forth that produces thousand of seeds. If you desire abundance, be like the farmer and first give up something. Whatever you receive, keep a portion for yourself and share a portion with others. By establishing yourself in the flow of generosity, whatever you give will come back manyfold.” 

We part and I feel my entire self energized, excited, vibrating with enthusiasm. This is what Marsha projects. I know I have met someone very special.

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