Who’s Brenda?

For the past decade or so (I hate to say) I have been an online dating user. It has been at times a frustrating and discouraging ride. I’ve been on sites such as Salon.com where I met a guy with whom I had a wonderful summer fling and from whom I learned the ethics of golf. A very short-lived relationship with a man on e-harmony who painfully extracted every cavity of my neediness. There was Lavalife and on Plenty of Fish where the pond has been getting shallower and shallower and where I caught a minnow rather than a salmon.
Brenda is a fictional character out of my own experiences with online dating.
I hope you will enjoy her blog.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Brenda?

  1. I am enjoying all of the blog posts I find from a talented writer such as yourself, Carol. I used to be an online dater and then I met a wonderful man in person, rather than online. It all happens when you’re least looking for it… 😉 I wish you a wonderful weekend ❤

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