Thanks are in order.

First and foremost I would like to thank the self energized, exciting, vibrating and very enthusiastic Marsha Lawrence for taking the spooks out of blogging for me. Girl, you rock!

Thanks to my niece, Debbie Humphrey who gave me as gift Blogging for Dummies and for Geralyne Dionne for her constant probing about how I should have my own writing feature.

Thanks also to those who commented on my writing:  Jean Yves David, Thelma Mariana and  Ursula Otto.

Thanks to the very brilliant and talented David Morris for his unflinching belief in my writing.

Thanks to Laurent Brisson who generously took the photo on About Me.

Also thanks to all my friends and my family who have supported me in my writing.

My final thanks goes to Elton who executed my every demanding commands for his affection to a tee. 

I'd love to hear your comments

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