Excerpt From Treatments

It is a well-kept secret in medical circles that the required treatment for cancer, particularly chemotherapy and radiation, can sometimes hasten the death of cancer patients.

This I read in an article posted on the internet by Dr. Caldwell. http://www.whale.to/cancer/cantwell.html  He begins his catchy titled article (Is Cancer Contagious) by referring to Mrs. Kennedy-Onasis’ rapid demise that “makes us wonder if her treatment killed her quicker that her lymphoma.”

I go on to read how one of his patients who, after less than four months of chemotherapy died. “At autopsy,” Dr. Caldwell states, “there was no evidence of cancer. His death was caused by fatal damage to his heart and lungs by the radiation treatment he received.”

But what are our options if we are told that we have cancer? What were my sister’s options who had the same disease as Jacqueline Kennedy?  Stop taking her chemo medication?  If one googles alternative medications for the treatment of lymphoma one finds hundreds of sites on the benefits of herbal medications. Many of them used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Of special interest is that these herbs tend to work in a non-invasive manner, healing the body naturally. Without side effects.

So why, I wonder, is our health care system not integrating these complimentary treatments? Are our politics and economics infringing upon our rights to the best health care possible?

The situation right now is that alternative medications are not prescribed by doctors and consequently are not covered by health insurance plans. Anyone wishing to add to their cancer treatment with alternative medicines better have a deep pocket. 

Because the study of herbal medicine is not an integral part of our “medical curriculum” alternative health care professionals are denied training to the workings of disease which our medical schools offer.

What’s stopping this collaboration between different health care professionals?

At the end my sister was drained from her fight with lymphoma. But it was not lymphoma that took her life away. It was the weakening of her immune system brought on by the radiation treatments. Even had she had the will power to do one more battle her weapons were taken away from her. She was like a child with a pistol gun going into battle against a country armed with nuclear power.


One thought on “Excerpt From Treatments

  1. This is a very valid point. I had a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago, in February. She was only 42 and in great physical shape but the radiation and chemo treatments destroyed her immune system. She started searching for alternative treatments but it was already too late. Eight months after her diagnosis, she died.

    Later I heard on the news that many cancer treatments in Quebec were wrongly prescribed (erring on the “too strong” side) and an investigation was underway.

    I am sorry for your sister, my friend and all the others who would have otherwise lived longer or even recovered.


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