Excerpt From The Universe Is Exceedingly Generous

Fun. It’s a darn good antidote to the blues. Of course, the serious part is finding out what’s fun for you. Then go ahead and do it. In my work regarding the treatment of drug addicts I ask them to write down fifty things which give them pleasure. Fifty! They are aghast. They can only think of one thing. Drugs. They’ve re-wired their brain chemistry so that the production of dopamine (the neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of well-being, in case you didn’t know) is insufficient. To do pleasurable things – which can be as simple as walking in front of a florist shop to feast your eyes on the colors and shapes of nature’s wonder or to smell fresh bread coming from a bakery, or to hear a child’s laughter – increases the level of dopamine and thus your sense of well-being. Feed your brain often with pleasurable sensations, I advise these addicts, so that eventually the dopamine level will become more balanced. And in case they have trouble thinking up pleasurable things to do I send them to this website: http://1000awesomethings.com/.

Do something awesome and see what it feels like.

 Once while on a yoga course at the Kripalu Center in the United States I came across this saying by Swami Kripalu, the renowned master of kundalini yoga and the namesake of The Kripalu Center.As I’m writing this I wonder how generosity fits into a book of essays on mourning. Because I have gratitude and the desire to keep aflame the goodness of life I trust that all will become clear. Links will be made and hope will once again carry me through one perfect day after another perfect day.

After my sister died I started to write an essay on her. Soon I had more than eighty pages and I knew that what I had was a collection of essays on mourning. I titled it A Year of Mourning. Now, the year is almost up and I am feeling a bit anxious. Will I forget my sister because my mourning is over? How will my relationship with her change now that I no longer mourn her?

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