Mourning Has Broken

Wow. It’s been such  a long time since I’ve been on my blog.

I’m happy to say that my book Mourning Has Broken is available on Amazon and Kindle

For all who are interested I hope that you will enjoy it and if you are going through your own grief process may my book be of some comfort to you.


6 thoughts on “Mourning Has Broken

    • Thank you so much.

      What a lovely blog you have. I love the part about how horrible it would be not to feel sad, not to feel the pain, to forget.

      Writing the book was tremendously healing in my grief process and to heal means to integrate, to allow the death of a loved one to become part of who we are.


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  2. Carol, I really look forward to reading this – I’ve lost a dear sibling too and have found that writing has been integral in my recovery – and I talk of recovery as a daily journey (I’m a Mary Ellen Copeland fan in this respect) – because we never really do recover, do we? We simply find ways to keep on breathing and find joy in life…I would love to share some of my musings with you. What do you think? x


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