FORD, Richard cr. Laura Wilson

American writer Richard Ford: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 


Carolina De Robertis: Women’s Stories As History


Pieter van Hattem  © 2012  

Koethi Zan: crime novel, The Never List


 Lisa Moore long listed for Man Booker prize


Wolf Haas, author of seven books in the bestselling Detective Brenner mystery series


Give up?

They’ll all be at The Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival

April 28 to May 4

If you happen to be in the area this is a GREAT festival.

Have a look at their site.


 Until then, I’ll be gone hiking.


Photographer: Wolfgang Moroder



  1. Sounds awesome! Lucky you to have that opportunity to go. Enjoy your hiking, but I can’t help but wonder…isn’t it still cold where you live? Even better, maybe you are going on a great trip? 🙂


      • I really don’t since I have no one to celebrate it with and it’s not part of the culture here. I know some Armenians who have Easter on a different date because they follow a different calendar but like Christmas, it’s just another day here. The Muslim holy days are celebrated instead which is to be expected.
        I’ll grill some fish, drink wine, and sing songs with the cat. Take a walk by the sea and maybe watch some Marx Brothers in the evening. And then teach on Monday.


      • Well, it sounds like a nice way to spend Easter.
        What an amazing experience this must be for you.
        Two years ago I had a six week contract teaching Business English at the University of Ho Chi Minh.
        It was so much fun and I got to see Southern Vietnam as a foreigner and not a tourist.
        I will forever be grateful for having had this experience and i can imagine what an intense experience you must be immersed in.
        Whatever made you want to station yourself there?


      • It’s a long story with no one clear answer. I’ve touched on it in some of my memoir type posts but the short version is I grew disillusioned with the US and had always wanted to live in Europe. When here for a wedding in 2008, I was offered a job as head of the English program at a new 2 year college and I took it. I find I have more time to write here. For example, I finished 4 novels here in 4 years (all available on kindle at amazon) and had one published in Turkish here and now another will be published by a British publisher later this year. In the US, I was always an educator first and part-time writer. Here I’m a writer first and educator, though not part-time, at least second. And I can easily travel from here so that is rewarding. I also like the people very much. And so on.


  2. This definitely sounds like a great festival! But look at that view. I’m sorry, I love books and authors, but if give up the festival for that view. If that’s where you’re hiking, enjoy! And bring back lots of photos!


    • Thank you, Ojima. I’ve been having trouble getting connected to your blog.
      When I go to it I get this message under The Ramblings of a Dropout
      4 out of 5 dentists recommend this WordPress.com site
      Hope this gets fixed. 🙂


      • Hi Carol. I’ve been able to sort out the problem with my blog. It’s a bit complicated though. To access the blog you can go to http://theramblingsofadropout.wordpress.com/ or http://aladiabalaka.com/. You can’t connect through the link on your ‘Blogs I Follow’ list on your homepage because that is linked to aladiabalaka.wordpress.com which I had to delete. Maybe you could update the list. I really hope I’m not getting you confused. Avoid clicking on the suggested links from your browser which are probably still linked to aladiabalaka.wordpress.com. Sorry for the trouble!


  3. This was a great feature that you presented the variety of authors at that festival. I was so taken by the photos that I forgot to comment, when I pushed like about a week or so ago! Smiles, Robin


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