The Witness

The week before she left her father died. He was murdered. Some said that it had to do with his wife’s mental state; others said  that he’d been caught in some affair with another woman. When word got around, people said that if anyone should have been murdered in that family it should have been Laura’s mother.

 By Forrest Cavale

  That’s an excerpt from my  short story The Witness which is in this summer’s issue of   Carte Blanche  Online Magazine.

You can read the entire story here:

And while you’re there check out their submissions guidelines. They take fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, comic, video. 


40 thoughts on “The Witness

  1. Carol – What a powerful, powerful story! You develop the characters really effectively, and you give just the right amount of foreshadowing without giving away the twist towards the end. Well done.


  2. Great story, Carol! I loved how it was told from her friend’s perspective. I’ve never tried that myself – it gives a very interesting light to the tale. Nice job!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed that great short story. Short, but full of interest and sadness. I enjoy your writing Carol and look forward to your new novel. 🙂


  4. Wow! I am so proud of you, Carol. The twist at the end was superb. I am so pleased you won and I don’t doubt you will be winning more contests in the future. Awesome story! 🙂


    • Thanks, Drew. It wasn’t a contest though but a story which I submitted to the magazine. BTW, you ought to send in some of your wonderful photography to them. Have a look at some of their back issues and the photographs in it. It’s all online. Have a grand weekend, dear friend. 🙂


      • From what I read, it seems you have to be from Quebec. Unless, I have read it wrong.
        Leah’s second chemo gave her a real scare. She had an allergy reaction. She began to puff up, and get pains in her chest. She decided to go with Benadryl and more Steroids because she is anxious to get these treatments done.
        I am actually thinking of working on My Depression Baby. Some advice was to cut the entire part from Croatia, and just stick to the one scene on the train and the pick-up. Don’t know if you remember reading it, but I thought it might be worth a go.


      • Drew, you don’t have to be from Quebec to submit to this magazine.Look up the bios from those who contributed.
        I think it’s worth trying different angles for your depression baby and then see which works. Sometimes it’s good to change POV or tense.
        Poor Leah. I wish her patience. The body takes time to heal.


      • Really, I am so pleased thus far with her progress. I mean, she is half-way through. She will be afraid for the next treatment, but I told her, they now know she will have an allergy reaction and they will be ready for it. She is much braver than she was at the beginning. A lot of growth is taking place in her spirit and soul.
        Thanks for the head’s up on the contributors. I will take another look. Hugs and happy days!


    • Oh, Marie, thank you so much for nominating me for such a sweet award. You are an angel 🙂
      I must decline though as I normally don’t accept awards. I find it too difficult after to choose among the many bloggers I follow. ❤


  5. This is eerie, since its story could reflect a real situation. It sounds ‘true to life!’ You captured me from the onset and held my attention. So glad you had the unexpected ending, too. I am happy that you got it published, Carol, in this fine magazine! I mentioned your name on my 6/25th post, as a published author. Now, I know about your short stories, too! Thanks, Carol for being so kind in recent comments to my posts. Sorry that I get behind and have to play ‘catch up!’ Take it easy and bask in your ‘glory’ and ‘accolades!’ You deserve every one of them!


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