Nadine Gordimer

I thought I would reblog this in honor of Nadine Gordimer who passed away this week.

Carol Balawyder

I am told that one of the criteria for the Nobel Prize in Literature, apart from the quality of the means of expression, is that that the works of the writer should be of  “benefit to mankind”. (Nadine Gordimer in When Art Meets Politics). 

Thirteen novels. Over two hundred short stories. Several volumes of essays. Awarded fifteen honorary doctorates. Booker Prize winner in 1974 for The Conservationist.

 Nobel Prize recipient in 1991.

Nobel Diploma

Born in South Africa, Nadine Gordimer devoted most of her writing career to benefit mankind through her anti-apartheid writings. In one of her early essays in Telling Times Gordimer defines apartheid from both white and black perspectives.

When you offer an African guest a drink, you break the law unequivocally; the exchange of beer between your hand and his could land you both in the police court on a serious charge.

I’m not saying that things haven’t…

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2 thoughts on “Nadine Gordimer

  1. This was a fine introduction to a wonderful short story writer who really served the world. I appreciate that you gave us this example of her writing and I am in awe of the high number of stories she wrote, Carol!


    • I am also in awe at the amount of writing she did. But that is often the case with these great writers. They are so very prolific as well as top of the line writers. They are certainly wonderful models for us all.


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