Nobel Prize Laureate: Selma Lagerlöf

The Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (1909).

The SwedishAcademy awarded her the prize in appreciation of the lofty idealism, her vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings.

Lagerlöf is most widely known for her children’s book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

The book, intended as a geography primer for elementary schools, became a classic in children’s literature and was translated in several languages.  You can click here for a comprehensive description of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, written by  Elysa Faith Ng,  an eleven year old child.

Selma Lagerlöf’s debut novel, Gösta Berlings saga  (a Swedish Gone With The Wind) made Great Garbo a star.

Lagerlöf helped support efforts to get German intellectuals out of Nazi Germany,  and was instrumental in preventing the poet Nelly Sachs (who in 1966 won the Nobel Prize for Literature) from deportation to the concentration camps.


There is always a third possibility, as long as you have the ability to find it. – Selma Lagerlöf.

Selma Lagerlöf died on March 16, 1940, some days after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

26 thoughts on “Nobel Prize Laureate: Selma Lagerlöf

  1. I didn’t know she was the first female Nobel laureate for this prize. Interesting!!!! I really am enjoying this series of yours.


  2. A great feature, dear Carol… Thanks for this spotlight… I didn’t know this author and I really enjoyed the reading.
    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead to you,
    Aquileana 😀


    • I never thought of that but I suppose it must have upset some male writers to have a female cut into their territory…especially if they believed male writers were better than females and especially that she was most famous for a children’s book!!!


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