Getting To Mr. Right: Kindle Apps


Ah, the perils of self-publishing! I’ve had comments from readers telling me that they weren’t able to download my book on their e-readers.

Kindle does offer a free app for other e-readers.

For iPad users:

For Kobo, Nook, Samsong and other readers:

Of course, if you have a Kindle you can download it through your Amazon account. Just make sure you check the right hand side to log into your country’s Amazon site.

I hope this helps! 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Getting To Mr. Right: Kindle Apps

  1. finally… I got the kindle app….and I can’t stop reading….the book took me in right away…I want to know how it continues but it is late….the action flows very smoothly….so far the only thing I don’t like is the name Missi…why that name?

    Congratulations on self-publishing this book. How does one pay for it? So far I am reading it on a free Kindle app…..


    Sent from my iPad


    • Oh, I’m so happy that you like it and especially can’t stop reading it. I didn’t realize that you’re reading it for free! Oh, my! There’s so much i need to learn about self-publishing.
      So, you ask how you can pay for it. How about this: Write a review on and That would be fantastic!


  2. I apologize since I am not a Kindle owner (silly Robin still goes to the library to blog!) But I congratulate you and am so happy that you have done this self-publishing! I treasure your comments and am always happy for your success!


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