Getting to Carol Balawyder–the September Author Interview

I was lucky enough to be invited to Shehanne Moore’s creatively amazing blog. Please go visit her and her very adorable Hamsters.

shehanne moore






UHHHH! Before you dudes open your nippy hamstah gubs and say a word about today’s guest and her dog, nicely smelling or otherwise–ahamz8,

ahamz8777Well, that’s as maybe but today’s guest is very special and one you will like when you hear what her book’s about.




hamlet 6

Not exactly…. No..


But it’s about dating……..



There you go then. Anyway, not only is our guest a wonderful author with a book about dating, she likes you.  zhamgr6088AND she has a fabulous blog, I just love. So let’s sound it for the one, the only, the amazingly talented and all round nice lady, Carol Balawyder.


Shey. Firstly I want to ask about your blog because you feature some wonderful big hitting writers from the past who were ahead of their time.

Why are you so drawn to these writers?


Carol. First, I want to thank you, Shehanne, for having me share the stage with your adorable…

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28 thoughts on “Getting to Carol Balawyder–the September Author Interview

    • Carrie,

      Many, many thanks for your generous and positive comment on Amazon re. Getting To Mr. Right. I am so grateful and appreciative of your kind and thoughtful words and mostly, that you enjoyed the book 🙂


    • Oh, I just love Shehanne’s hamsters. She really intrigues me as to how she does it.
      I’m happy to hear that you like my themed series. It gives me structure and direction. 🙂


  1. I will check out the interview and hope to see your book someday at the library. I feel bad but that is what my budget is, Carol. I don’t have a computer, which is one of my priorities… smiles and best of luck always! Hugs, Robin


    • Oh, Robin I’m just happy that you want to read it. It should be coming out shortly as paperback on Amazon and so, when it does, perhaps your library will agree to order it.
      Thanks for being here. Have a great day! 🙂


  2. This must have been a really fun interview. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed reading more details about your writing process and book development. Looking forward to reading more of your crime and women’s fiction stories.


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