How I Got Published: J.E. Forman

J.E. Forman Really Dead

Once upon a time I was a relatively sane television producer. I switched from cameras to keyboards and added screenwriter and romance novelist (under a pseudonym) to my list of credits. Really Dead is my first mystery.

How I got published

 Dying played a big part in the birth of my mystery. I’d been following the usual write a mystery-query-heavy sigh after getting rejections route for several years and I was just about to give up the dream of getting a mystery published when my fate took a detour.

 My mother died and I needed to get my hair dyed before her funeral. My hairdresser squeezed me into his over-scheduled day and, while he was putting the glop on my head, introduced me to the other customer he was working on at the same time. She was sitting in the chair next to mine, wearing a plastic bag on her head. The woman and I did the polite “what do you do” conversation and I almost slid out of my chair. The woman with the bag on her head was the then owner/publisher of an independent Canadian publishing house that had a very successful mystery line. It wasn’t the time or place for me to start pitching a story … but I left the salon with a personal connection and an invitation to submit.

 I immediately started working on a new mystery, one that hadn’t been stained by previous rejections. I wrote it as the first in a series and sent it to my new salon buddy. She wrote back that she liked the story but would be more interested in it if I wrote it as a standalone. So I rewrote it as a standalone and resubmitted it. It was almost a year later when I heard back from her – she’d sold her company to another publishing house, was working with them as an acquisitions editor, and wanted to know if my story was still available. I told her it was and she asked me if I could re-work it to be the first in a series. I hauled out my original version of the manuscript, did another edit on it, sent it to her yet again and then crossed every flexible part of my body. Eight months later I received the email that every unpublished mystery writer dreams of – “It’s a go.”

22 thoughts on “How I Got Published: J.E. Forman

    • Isn’t it? It’s refreshing to know that everyone has a different story behind how they got published. Hers is certainly out of the box! Maybe i should go to the hairdresser more often! 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend, Aquileana.


  1. If we believe in karma, then we know that we are put in positions or places to meet people for reasons, if not seasons. How wonderful the serendipity occurred for J.E. Forman.


  2. Hi Carol, I love this story of magic and fate. When we continue to be committed to our dreams we dont have to worry about “how” they manifest, they just do! This is inspiring, thankyou.


  3. Great story. I’m inspired by the possibility of the connections that can happen organically to make publication a reality when a writer is ready and does good work. thanks to both of you for sharing.


  4. This experience just goes to show we should always be prepared to talk about our writing. We never know who might be sitting next to us in the salon or on a plane!


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