January’s Featured Author: Carol Balawyder

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Kylie Betzner. Check out her blog and her novel. Besides generously featuring fellow bloggers, she writes about really neat stuff in a fun style of writing.

Kylie Betzner

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s start the new year out right by discovering a new author. Meet Carol Balawyder, author of women’s contemporary fiction, crime fiction, and short stories. Now, guys, don’t run off now! Carol’s insights and advice are gender neutral and universal.

artistic-rendering-2 Meet Carol Balawyder, January’s featured author!

Carol Balawyder: was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, but currently resides in Montreal. During her college years, she left home to study Early Childhood Education at McGill, but found out, after spending time in the classroom, that teaching kindergarten wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. So she went on to get a B.A. in Education so she could teach high school. As many of us discover going into the field (myself included), teaching high school wasn’t an inspiring job. Then she got a job teaching English as a second language; a position far more rewarding.

Fast forward. She went back to…

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19 thoughts on “January’s Featured Author: Carol Balawyder

  1. This is really special that you were featured and I support your fine writing style. You deserve to be ‘sold out’ and discovered by multitudes… smiles, Robin

  2. Excellent interview Carol!

    Hope 2015 is off to a great start for you.

    I’m trying to get back in the writing groove here, why am I feeling so lazy LOL!!!

    Hugs from across the country, G

  3. bravo & congrats, Carol! tu as bien commencé l’année… 🙂 bonne chance & bonne continuation! 🙂 thanx a bunch of sunny mimosa flowers for your comments & wishes dropped @ my playground… ❤ my very best for 2015: health, joy, love, hope and tons of inspiration! have a positive, optimistic and serene year, LL = lovely lady! cheers, Mélanie NB

  4. Fabulous interview my friend, and you look beautiful! It sounds like we do work similar, always reading, working on at least two different things, and moving, lol, no less. No doubts your talent in writing will have you right up there with the best some day Carol. Like you said, we have to wear many hats and continue to write what only we can say. xo 🙂

  5. What a lovely interview, Carol. Ir’a been going on seven months since I’ve spoken with you. I am on a site called Fanstory to improve my writing and get reviews or comments. I have been there off and on for several years, learning basics. Beginning Jan. 20th, I begin a writer’s course through Gotham out of New York. An online course. I don’t have the education many of your writers have so I have to seek other ways to educate myself. I have been reading a lot as well. Now listening to Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. Read Wuthering Heights, and a novel by Anne Perry, just recently. I babysit my four-year-old granddaughter as well. I write poetry, and am working on a novel in mid 1800’s. The research is tedious although, I love it. I have to learn to be more productive and organized. My brain doesn’t hold facts well as the medication I am on has a bad side effect. Short term memory loss. Not fun when you are attempting to remember what it is you had learned and knew. But the fight is on. I hope all is well with you. I see you are very busy as well. I will post occasionally and read those that I care to keep up with. Hugs, Drew

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