The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Carol Balawyder

For those who are not yet familiar with Sally’s blog I encourage you to go there. You will find a wealth of information and posts which reflect Sally’s generous spirit.
Thank you so very much Sally for including me as a guest on your Sunday Show.

12 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Carol Balawyder

  1. Fascinating interview, Carol! I really admire the way you’ve branched out into writing in several different genres. Each genre really calls for a different sort of writing, and it takes creativity and the willingness to ‘stretch out’ to succeed at doing that.


    • Margot, I really think I’m still trying to find my voice. I often feel scattered. I like crime novels but as I said I don’t like the violence or the gore. That’s why I particularly loved Wendy James’ The Lost Girls. There was so much depth to her novel. It’s thanks to you that I discovered her. 🙂

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    • How interesting…We do have a few important things in common.
      Christy, I have been trying to buy your book Pathways To Illumination for the past two weeks, using my PayPal account but I keep getting the message that my username is incorrect. I called PayPal about this and everything seems ok on their side and when I use PayPal otherwise, it works.
      Also, your book doesn’t appear on Kindle or the paperback on :C
      Hopefully, this can get fixed somehow because I really want to read your poetry. 🙂


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