Sara Paretsky: Honoring a History Maker

Every writer’s difficult journey is a movement from silence to speech. We must be intensely private and interior in order to find a voice and a vision – and we must bring our work to an outside world where the market, or public outrage, or even government censorship can destroy our voice. (Writing In An Age Of Silence)

There are so many women writers who have inspired me and from whom I’ve taken something and applied to my own collage of writing. They range from Jacqueline Susann to Nobel Prize Laureates. But no writer, whether male or female, has had such an impact on my choice to write crime fiction than Sara Paretsky.

Click below to read more on why I chose to honor Sara Paretsky in Ann Field’s series on Honoring Women in History.

11 thoughts on “Sara Paretsky: Honoring a History Maker

  1. Sara Paretsky has been such an influential role model, especially for those of us who write. I’m glad you highlighted her and her work.

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  2. Wonderful, Carol! It’s great that Sara inspires you in writing crime fiction and that she has created such intriguing characters. Your post was wonderful. I went to Sara’s website too and saw that she is the President of the Mystery Writers of America – wow!

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    • Wow! is right. She is a very inspiring woman who is much concerned about the rights of the little guy or gal.
      Thanks for your comment, Christy. It’s always a pleasure to see you here! 🙂


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