Free: Second Edition of Missi’s Dating Adventures

I’m offering Missi’s Dating Adventures FREE from April 3-5.

It’s a second edition and I’ve made some fun changes to it.

Writing the second edition was a lot like renovating a house. Walls (chapters) were torn down, and new extensions built. Included in this revised version are the lessons which Missi learned from each dating experience. Surviving disappointments in her love life made her stronger, and the bad dates, the many encounters with Mr. Wrong, gave her more confidence and a better appreciation of who she is and how discerning she is becoming through her dating adventures.

Even if you’ve read the first edition do pick it up and if you’re so inclined, do write a review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other social media. 

I will be extremely grateful (Unless of course you trash it! 🙂 )

The book’s available on Kindle but with the free Kindle app you can download it on any reader.

Just make sure you order from your country’s Amazon store! 

Click on the cover to view.



24 thoughts on “Free: Second Edition of Missi’s Dating Adventures

  1. Wow Carol, as if you don’t have enough going on with your other upcoming book, you revised a book already written! You are an ongoing powerhouse my friend. 🙂 Now, I have that book in my reader, and as you know, I jumped to your newest book “Mr. Right” before that one. So I shall download your newest version, and when I get through my pile of obligatory reads, you know I shall leave a review. 🙂


  2. Ok, correction. Amazon doesn’t allow redownloading of previous purchased books. So I am assuming that the original version I purchased will be automatically updated when I read?


  3. This is something that fascinated me too, making changes to a second edition of a book. It is a little like renovating, and at the same time you see how much you changed in the meantime. Thanks for sharing.


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