How I Got Published: James M. Jackson

James M. Jackson

James M. Jackson authors the Seamus McCree novels. ANT FARM (Spring 2015), a prequel to BAD POLICY (2013) and CABIN FEVER (2014), recently won a Kindle Scout nomination. Ebook published by Kindle Press; print from Wolf’s Echo Press.

How I Got Published

Every one of my books has had its own road to publication. My most recent novel, Ant Farm, started life over a decade ago with interest from an agent, but garnered no publishing contract. It was my first novel in what I planned as a series. The second in the Seamus McCree series found a home with small publisher Barking Rain Press, which also took the third. Those books were well-received, but the audience too small.

I dusted off Ant Farm, gave it a thorough rewrite, and decided to become a hybrid author by independently publishing what would now be a prequel to the series. However, as I was finishing the final round of edits, Amazon introduced the Kindle Scout program. I considered the possibility of having marketing behemoth Amazon promote my book to be more than fair compensation for giving up total publishing control. I entered the program, was “Hot and Trending” for 78% of hours in the 30-day nomination period, and at the end of the nomination process, Kindle Press offered me a contract for the ebook, which went on pre-order earlier this week. I have published the trade paperback version through Wolf’s Echo Press.



Financial crimes consultant Seamus McCree combats the evil behind the botulism murders of thirty-eight retirees at their picnic outside Chillicothe, OH. He also worms his way into the Cincinnati murder investigation of a church friend’s fiancé and finds police speculate the hit may have been the mistake of a dyslexic hitman.

Seamus uncovers disturbing information of financial chicanery and in the process makes himself and his son targets of those who have already killed to keep their secrets.

Find more information about Jim and his writing at

27 thoughts on “How I Got Published: James M. Jackson

  1. Thanks for sharing this, both. I’ve heard about the Kindle Scout program, and it’s good know that it worked as well as it did.


  2. Especially interesting to read about Jackson’s journey since I’m currently going through the Kindle Scout process myself. Best of luck to Mr. Jackson and his soon-to-be-released book. Sounds like a great premise.


  3. Interesting post Carol. I read some of the comments here, and you mentioned to Tess that if you have an account you can vote. Don’t we have an account since our books are sold on .com?


      • Wow, this is getting a little old already; Canadians not being allowed to partake in many kindle activities like this and especially when we promote our books on countdown, only for Americans. This is so unfair. I’ve complained several times to KDP about the countdown issue, to no avail. Perhaps we have to get a petition going from Canadian authors?


  4. Interesting and inspiring story about James Jackson.
    About Amazon… they worry me. I’m American, so can “participate” fully in this, but I think they have too much power in the market. If they get monopoly on ebooks, what will they do with that power? I don’t trust that it will be good for writers… or readers.

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