More Indie Books I’ve Read


Here are two more books by fellow bloggers that you might enjoy reading.


Get  your copy of P.S. I Forgive You today!


Like all of D.G. Kaye’s books, I was eager to read her latest – a follow up to Conflicted Heart.  P.S. I Forgive You – A Broken Legacy  is Kaye’s most heart wrenching and intense book to date. Not surprising, considering the subject of this memoir.  It is D.G. Kaye’s and her siblings’ attempt of freeing themselves from the clutches of emotional neglect.

P.S. I Forgive You – A Broken Legacy is a testimony to the painful effects of her mother’s gambling addiction on her and her siblings. Anyone who has lived with an addict knows how destructive it can be, how much it creates guilt, resentment and a feeling of low self esteem.

P.S. I Forgive You  is heartbreaking to read but D.G. Kaye’s strength and ability to offer an honest examination of her experience is an inspiration to anyone who has found themselves with the difficult decision of turning away from a toxic relationship. Most importantly, in Kaye’s difficult journey to self love and acceptance she offers hope in her struggle to love a mother who was not able to provide the same for her children.

A tender, well written book.

Visit D.G.Kaye’s blog here:



Glass Slippers and Stilettos is a collection of ten short stories as seen through the eyes of Linden’s protagonist, Regina. In the story titled Driving Regina, whereby Regina is involved in an accident, Ana Linden writes: Little does he (the driver of the car Regina has run into) know that Regina has such emergencies once a week. This pretty well sums up Regina, along with this other line:  Men lovers are  her recreational drug.

Linden’s characters don’t have names. Instead she refers to them as Boyfriend, Lover, The Assistant, Kid, Mr. Impeccable Pedigree, and Inconsiderate. Using this technique is clever as it allows the reader to identify easily with the characters. Haven’t we all met such people in our own lives?

In some ways, Regina is a contemporary femme fatale (minus the crime) for she possesses traits often found in this archetype of literature: gold digger, selfish, heartless, manipulative, opportunist, sense of entitlement both with her friends, lovers and at work and an accomplished liar.

Although it is difficult to like Regina it is also difficult to put her down.

You can read excerpts from Glass Slippers and Stilettos here.




25 thoughts on “More Indie Books I’ve Read

    • It is great, Christy. Most of Debby’s books are entertaining and fun but Conflicting Heart and this one have a much more serious tone. I especially applaud Debby’s authenticity and courage in speaking of the pain in her heart.

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  1. Wow! Here I am coming to visit you blog and I see my own book here! You’re a gem Carol. I’m grateful for your review and for how you experienced the book. It was certainly my most difficult to write. And I do envy you taking your little break and indulging in reading time. The bonus for me was you chose to spend some of your valuable time reading my book! And you also have me intrigued with Glass Slippers and Stilettos.
    Ironically I’ve created a post with the first 2 reviews on my book for next Tuesday. I will be adding yours to the post. May I ask you to please share your review on both and .com. It would be a great boost for a new book. 🙂 xoxo

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    • Debby, I had already posted reviews on both Amazon sites as well as Goodreads.
      I taught a course on addiction for 15 years and so it was natural for me to pick up on that aspect of your book. I also thought that writing a review from that angle would bring a different set of readers to your book. All the best. ❤

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      • Much appreciated Carol, you know! And that was strange because your review wasn’t showing, and ironically after I found the post and mentioned it, it mysteriously appeared. Maybe we were just crossing paths before I could see it and you had posted. This full moon has been doing weird things energy wise. 🙂 Thanks so much again. ❤

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  2. Did my comment go to spam? I don’t trust WP these days I’m going to people’s dumpsters along with so many. It says I’m in moderation but that sometimes means spam. I’m posting this one by signing out of WP and signing in with FB. If you don’t see my other comment please check spam. If you find it, you can delete this one. Thanks Carol ❤

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  3. Thank you for taking the time to review Glass Slippers and Stilettos! I appreciate your support, Carol, and I am so grateful for all the encouragement I received from you during the past few years. 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Ana Linden and commented:
    Here are two more generous reviews from Carol Balawyder. I am once again flattered to have one of my books featured on her blog, and for that I very grateful. Go ahead, visit this wonderful lady’s blog and discover her insightful writing! 🙂

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  5. Love Debby’s book. And I like Linden’s vignette approach. I’m thinking of doing that. I read a series of stories by James Runcie–the Sydney Chambers series–that did this approach so nicely.

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  6. BonjourCAROL
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  7. I appreciate true stories and both of Debby’s memoirs sound like page Turner’s, Carol. Your solidly written reviews really “count” in my book! 🙂
    The idea of a rather spoiled, dating femme fatale (minus death) sounds like fun and light hearted reads. If I ever get a chance, I would think short stories would be my “mode of operandi!” 😀

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