Not Another: A story by Ann Fields

Ann Fields’ short story, Not Another, is part of Voices from the Block – a Legacy of African-American Literature.



Ann Fields transports us into another world where her protagonist, The Young Wife, is determined to make her community a safe place for the children by fighting The Great White – a monster who demands, every so often, the sacrifice of a child as protection for the village.

The nameless Young Wife is the kind of character that one reads fiction for. She brazenly and stubbornly puts aside her own needs in order to fight for a better world where peace dominates evil. Hers is an altruistic world. She is brave and strong and refuses to be defeated. And as all good protagonists, The Young Wife brings us to question our own weaknesses: would we, like her, be willing to give up our cozy lives in order to defeat a malice that does not personally touch us?

In her opening of Not Another Ann Fields writes this dedication:

To the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria,

Ivory Coast and others…

America, where is your revolution?

In this world of increasing intolerance Not Another offers inspiration and hope. What more can we ask of literature?

Besides this poignant and relevant story, Ann Fields played a significant role in bringing together this inspiring collection of essays, poetry, short stories and fiction starts by talented and gifted writers.

As a tribute to Black History Month, Voices from the Block is a book you’ll want to read any month, especially in March when Ann is planning to spotlight some of the writers whose works appear in this anthology.


32 thoughts on “Not Another: A story by Ann Fields

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    • Here’s a quote from Ann’s post:
      “What is a fiction start?” you ask. A fiction start is a way for an aspiring author to showcase a work in progress by publishing the first few scenes of their fiction novel in an anthology. This allows the author to garner readers and build interest in the story even while it is in the draft stage. Basically, it’s a tease!”
      That’s pretty neat. Your presence here is always appreciated, Luanne. 🙂

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  2. Wow, Carol! Thank you so much for such a glowing review. I truly appreciate your words of insight and your support. You are a treasure among treasures. I pray you are blessed as you bless others. Thank you!

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  3. Carol, this is a powerful and passionate review of what sounds an equally powerful and passionate book. I do want to have a look at this and am pulled in by yours and Ann’s words – a topic that touches us all and subject on all our minds.

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  5. Ann’s book sounds very current and motivating to stand up for people’s rights. I like that it contains multiple genres all with a singular theme. Carol, this was a lovely review with just enough to entice readers. 🙂 ❤

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