Moore Delivers Smexy

Brittany Carter must choose either to live in the present or in 1765. She cannot have both.

In her present, she is finally starting to reach her goals of fame, success and money. Her romance novels are bestsellers! But success does come at a price.

And that price is Mitchell Killgower.

Drop dead gorgeous and with a heart to boot. The man of her dreams, the love of her life, THE ONE she’s been waiting for her entire life.

But can she trust him?

Does she want to live in 1765 with all its inconveniences which she takes for granted in the present?

Is she willing to give up fame, success and money?

Moore is delightfully good at historical romances. With wit and intelligence she takes the reader back to Georgian England where bad-boy Mitchell is in the midst of an inheritance row when Brittany Carter  literally drops into his life.

With the romance between Brittany and Mitchell as veneer, Shehanne Moore smoothly makes her way through the power struggles between men and women – using as backdrop a feisty, strong protagonist with present day relationship values trying to apply them to the relationship values of a man living in 1765.

One of Buddha’s famous quotes is

Happiness is a journey not a destination.

The journey to arrive at the ending of The Writer and The Rake is complex, entertaining, amusing, reflective, smexy and made me happy as well.

 The Writer and the Rake is the latest in Shehanne Moore’s Time Mutant series.

Have you ever had to choose between a career and romance?

36 thoughts on “Moore Delivers Smexy

    • Of course poor Brittany also has to choose this other time zone, or not, and she is like an alien from a distant planet in that. She doesn’t exactly love life there. Lovely to see you and thank you Robbie for your support always. x

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  1. Carol, this was such a surprise, to see it coming up in my reader today. I nearly fell on the floor. I love it and I cannot thank you enough. Really truly, you are such a smart lady these words mean the world to me. THANK YOU. Thank you. You have made my day. The little dudes have a blog to get up later they did last week for Carole Croft. They will be threatened with the placards if they do NOT add this post xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Aw Jacqui, thank you. My time travel books are mainly fun–I hope anyway– with this one I really fancied the concept of taking a quite high octane young woman from today and planking her down in this alien world with a man who actually for his times is reasonably enlightened but she frankly finds a dinosaur. As for him? He can’t get his head round her. Enjoy your day x

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  3. Shey’s an awesome author, entertaining blogger and sweet friend! xo 💖 Her dudes, the hamstah’s (I think they are like gangsta’s, in their “controlling situations.” If you know what I mean. 😉
    Dear Carol, 💐I am just here (also) to let you know we had a book review party in your honor on my blog (Tuesday). 😊 Hope you might stop by and leave a few remarks to your fans, my dear. 💞

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    • Thank you, Robin, for the heads up on the review of my book on your blog. I am not on my blog as much as I would like to be these days. I have been busy working on the final installment of Getting to Mr. Right series.
      I’m greatly touched by your review and comments by fellow bloggers and have left some comments on your blog.
      Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

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  4. It’s on my Kindle. Can’t wait to read it. A choice between career and romance? Haven’t had to make that decision but if romance ever comes calling, I just don’t think it could ever eclipse a fulfilling writing career. After all, writing is why I exist. But that’s just me! Smile!

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