How To Write A Great Synopsis

Ann Fields’ presence on the blogging community is truly a treasure and I urge you to have a look at her review of my latest book The Longest Nine Months for an example of a great synopsis.   

And while you’re at it check out her writing. 

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Besides THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Ann, you ought to consider going into the business of writing synopses. You are terrific at it! 









10 thoughts on “How To Write A Great Synopsis

    • Hi Debby, thank you for the compliment. I am grateful our “IP addresses” crossed, and really it’s amazing to think we ever connected when you consider all the millions of blogs, people, and sites on the net. Our meeting and mutual appreciation was meant to be!! Have fun reading “The Longest Nine Months.” I know you’ll enjoy it. Happy reading holidays!

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  1. Carol, you’re so very welcome! It was a pleasure to play around with the review format and to share parts of the book without giving away the whole kit-and-kaboodle. As for writing synopses, well, that’s something my past editor and I disagreed about. It’s not my favorite form of writing but I certainly understand the value of it. I really enjoyed this “grown-up” book and hope you’ll keep the series going somehow. Blessings, my dear!

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