Marlie byAnneli Purchase

 In her attempts to escape a past filled with bad memories Marlie moves to Masset where she hopes to find a much better life.



But hope is not always enough and other problems, some more serious than those she fled from, are tossed her way.

 Anneli Purchase is very talented in writing about unforgettable settings. In reading Marlie I felt that I was visiting this fishing village alongside Marlie witnessing its rich aboriginal culture and beauty.

Masset is a small fishing village located on Graham Island – the largest of the more than 150 islands that comprise the archipelago of Haida Gwaii on the north coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Here, Marlie encounters harsh climate and living conditions that would make almost anyone hop on the next plane. In spite of the obstacles she encounters, she has many reasons to want to stay: her devotion towards her students caught in a web of poverty and neglect; the island’s pristine, untouched beauty which the author so fluidly and exquisitely describes; a man named Brent.

Anneli Purchase is a talented story-teller. Although the novel has a very strong setting, one which could stand on its own as a travel novel, it is also about a crime which the author handles with great skill and sensitivity. And it is a lovely romance. 


42 thoughts on “Marlie byAnneli Purchase

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post, Carol. The video, too, brought back memories of so many fun times I had when I lived there, not knowing back then that I would write about the islands someday. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and have shared your thoughts with your followers. I hope to have a chance soon to return the favour with a post about your novel The Longest Nine Months, which I enjoyed very much. Have a wonderful Christmas. All the best for the new year.

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  2. Carol, this is a wonderful review and you make the books sound so tempting. Anneli the setting alone is incredible and with the mixture of such strong characters thrown into turmoil, a crime and romance you’ve achieved a winning formula here. Wishing lots of success with this book and I’m off to take a closer look. Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas.

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  3. Before I forget, I love your cover😊 I look forward to reading your book Anneli. If it’s half as good as your other ones, it will be a great read. Thank you Carol for that beautiful video. Living there so many years ago, I forgot how stunning the scenery is.

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  4. Congratulations to Anneli for publishing her novel, Marli. I enjoy Anneli’s writing as her works so truly evoke the places in which they take place, such as Haida Gwaii, where I visited Anneli a long time ago. Anneli’s sensitivity to and love of the natural world comes through so clearly in her writing.

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  5. Thanks for sharing that post, Anneli. It certainly encourages me to get the book and begin reading! And thanks Carol for sharing the video. Haida Gwaii is beautiful indeed.

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  6. Thanks Anneli for sharing the blog. It encouraged me to buy the book and get reading! And thanks Carol for sharing the video of Haida Gwaii. It is a beautiful spot, although can be quite rugged.

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  7. I haven’t read “Marlie” yet, but am looking forward to doing that very soon. The write up sounds very intriguing, and the video is simply beautiful. I have visited Haida Gwaii, and it truly is a relatively untouched paradise.

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  8. You make a book sound so intriguing Carol. And you know I always love your recommendations. Thanks for introducing me to this author and Haida Gwaii which I had never heard of in our own country.
    Merry Christmas again my friend. And I’ll be featuring your book and my review on my blog this Sunday. ❤

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    • I’d never heard of Haida Gwaii as well and Anneli has the art of describing it so vividly that it made me google it. What a gorgeously beautiful country we have! ❤
      Thank you, dear friend, for featuring my book this Sunday. ❤ 🙂 May you and your family be blessed during this holiday season.

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  9. I just received my copy of Marlie and looking forward to delving into this newest novel. Anneli has written several novels, over the years, and I’ve enjoyed each one. Her background research is so rich and one can almost feel the chill and smell the salt water. Looking forward to Marlie and her escapades. Your short video makes me want to plan a visit.

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  10. Carol, this is a great review and thank you for introducing Anneli and her novel. Haida Gwaii is a place that I have always wanted to go, I hope my dream will come true one day. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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  11. Thank you Carol for sharing news of Marlie by Anneli. It sounds lovely on so many levels. And thank you Anneli for taking us into a part of the world and life we may not experience otherwise. Blessings to you both.

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    • You are so right, Ann, about Anneli taking us into a part of a world we may never know. She does a fantastic job of it. ❤ All the best for this new year to you and your loved ones.


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