Sally Cronin’s What’s In a Name? Vol. 2

I like to read in bed to get drowsy. Short stories are gratifying in this way because they allow me to hold my eyes open long enough to reach the end of the story. However, in reading Sally’s stories I found her endings reeling me in for just one more story as I fought sleep.

What’s In a Name Vol. 2 contains 16 stories.  Sally Cronin writes honest fiction that reaches the depth of real life, yet her stories are like bubble bath in a warm tub.
It was D.J. Kaye’s post that got me to read Sally’s book:

Cronin’s writing has a way of taking us into the character’s emotions, evoking an emotion in us in return, be it angst, fear, passion or grief. 

The characters in these stories – fortune tellers, con artists, arrogant narcissists, lovers – display courage, revenge, disappointments, romance and sacrifice. Some of the stories are bittersweet, some with surprising endings, many imaginative and all with just enough to satisfy.

Like D.G. Kaye, my favourite story was also about two beloved Xenias -a tender love story among three generations set in a lovely Greek garden.

If you feel like a little luxury treat read this book  – maybe while soaking in a bath.



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32 thoughts on “Sally Cronin’s What’s In a Name? Vol. 2

  1. Hi Carol, I just wanted to say that I have read both Vol 1 & 2 and your review captured the magic spell Sally weaves in her short stories marvelously and with great sensitivity and perception.
    Now I want to go back and re-read them.

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  2. Thanks for the mention Carol. And I’m so glad you got to read Sally’s book and you enjoyed it as much as I and many readers have. You put it perfectly when you said reading Sally’s stories are like a warm bubble bath. I love her stories. ❤

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  3. Carol, a wonderful review of Sally’s book and I love your comment of: ‘Sally Cronin writes honest fiction that reaches the depth of real life, yet her stories are like bubble bath in a warm tub.’ Just perfect and this is now on my list to read. BTW, how lovely that you quoted part of Debby’s review which made such an impact on you.

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  4. Hi Carol! I have placed your short story series on my reading list and will devour it after I finish “The Elegance of a Hedgehog” by Muriel Barbery. I am an aspiring writer of short stories as well and am currently working on one right now called “Between Kindred Spirits”, the first in a series about three siblings battling the realities of life in a fairy-tale, imaginative world. Follow me at whenever it is convenient.
    A New Fan

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