Bau: The Elizabethan Collar


This is so Humiliating

Not even a month back with my mistress and here I am with this shameful contraption around my neck. Apparently it’s so that I don’t pull out some stiches that she forced me to have. Humans can be so cruel. When she tried to take me outside I strongly protested by sitting and pulling on my leash. She picked me up and although I do love snuggling up to her I didn’t at all appreciate her taking me outside where everybody could  have a good laugh at my expense. It was totally embarrassing. I tried to keep my head down so that the other dogs wouldn’t recognize me but the cone kept getting in the way and I bumped into a bush which injured my pride. I could hardly wait to go back inside and hide. 



33 thoughts on “Bau: The Elizabethan Collar

  1. Oh, sorry to hear about the collar, Bau. Trust me, though, you’re better off that way. The collar won’t stay on too long, and then you’ll look and feel fine, and all the other doggies will wish they looked as good as you do, and were cared for as well as you are.


  2. Mr. Bauderlaire, put a ruffle on that cone and you’ll be the dandy of the neighborhood! Imagine yourself an 18th Century poet. Perhaps your mistress can outfit you with a velvet doggy jacket to complete the effect. Voila! Now you strut about the neighborhood with in style and with your head held high 😉

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