J.E. Spina: Hunting Mariah

It isn’t because Hunting Mariah reminded me of my own in progress novel that I really loved this book, although that didn’t hurt. There’s a serial killer’s hunger for school girls whom Spina gives reasons for his macabre behavior as she allows us to get inside his insane mind and his intensifying obsessive need to kill. He will stop at nothing until he satisfies his warped hunger to hunt down Mariah.

The novel contains many plot angles that drive it forward. Of course, there’s why Mariah is being hunted by the serial killer in the first place – a mystery which the author is able to maintain throughout the novel. Why is she kept in isolation in a psychiatric ward and what are her memory blanks about? Why can’t Tony, a man who obviously cares deeply for Mariah but for reasons revealed only much later in the novel, return his love for her? Adding more tension are the secondary characters that inhabit this thriller and Spina has the talent to create suspense around each of them.

Although the author makes clear from the beginning who the killer is I kept wondering, as other characters were introduced and more twists were added, if it could be someone else.

Writing under the name Janice Spina the author is known for writing children’s books – at least over a dozen. Hunting Mariah brings J.E. Spina into the respectful world of fast-paced adult thrillers which will keep you turning the pages.

29 thoughts on “J.E. Spina: Hunting Mariah

  1. This certainly sounds intriguing! I don’t usually go for the ‘serial killer’ motif in my crime fiction. But Mariah sounds like a fascinating character! I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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  2. Carol, first of all I’m very intrigued what about your current WIP! You capture Janice’s book perfectly here; its pace, suspense, intrigue held me spellbound and a book I raced through until the very end!

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    Thank you so much, Caroly Balawyder, for this fabulous review of my thriller novel, Hunting Mariah! I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! 🤗
    If you haven’t read this book yet, please check out this wonderful review! I am so excited!!!


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