I recently returned from a trip to Italy where I spent time in Rome. One of the areas I visited while there was Trastevere where part of my novel, Not By Design, was set.

Not by Design

We cross the River Tiber and approach the archeological remains of rooms that were once baths made of black and white mosaics. My guidebook tells me that these were made in the first century AD. It’s hard for me to grasp that over two thousand years ago there was an entire civilization living on the ground I am standing on.

We are walking along the delightful district of Trastevere.  In Trastevere one will get glimpses of the “real” Rome. Marco and I have been here many times. To eat in their famous restaurant area, go to the theatre, the cinema or just mingle with the Romans in clubs and bars. Today our mission is different. We are visiting the church Bridget reserved for our wedding.
Marco and I are holding hands as we pass by boutiques offering handcrafted wares and clothing stores with magnificent styles.

As we approach Piazza Santa Maria with its spectacular fountain I stop to take in the church in front of us. It is a stunning Medieval church. Its façade glows with its series of faded mosaics honoring the Virgin Mary. I can’t think of a more romantic setting for our wedding. Even before entering the church I know that it is perfect. Except for one thing. “I can’t believe that my father won’t be here to walk me down the aisle,” I say.


Travestere (2)

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26 thoughts on “Trastevere

  1. What lovely ‘photos! Thanks for sharing. And I’m glad you got the chance to have some time away, and to visit Italy. It sounds as though it was a great experience.

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  2. It is an amazing city Carol and one of many where you can stand on ground where people lived,
    worked, laughed and cried several thousand years ago. Tingling feeling.
    Your book cover is ‘Cool’ and attractive.
    All the best

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  3. Oh my, Carol! You’re more than amazing! With all your brilliantly published books (and may I add, pretty catchy titles you have there!), I’m simply blown away! So honored to follow you and your blog. Thanks for being such a LOVELY INSPIRATION! ❤️

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