Bau: It’s Cold Outside

Are you kidding me! It’s much too cold to be outside. Just check out this chart from France (Is it too cold for my dog?)  about doggie temperatures. Cold is cold whether you’re in France or anywhere else in the world. When is spring coming?

it's cold


dog temperatures

43 thoughts on “Bau: It’s Cold Outside

  1. I sure does look cold where you are, Bau! But I see you have a lovely coat – and an extra jacket! – to keep you warm. Hopefully it’ll get a little warmer soon.

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  2. A great chart. My Spanish dog, Dot hates cold and won’t go outside at below 5C. She has only seen snow once and did not like it at all. She’s not keen on rain either. Fortunately, we don’t get much here.

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  3. This chart is useless unless you know the type of dog! Mine is a long-haired German Shepherd and doesn’t bat an eye at -25C 😉 Actually, he lies down in the snow and waits for me…

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  4. I don’t like to see dogs out in the cold unless they are like sled dogs and have a thick shaggy fur coat and are happier outside, but even then, all dogs need some warmth and shelter from the wind. 99.9% of dogs are like me. They feel the cold. I think of their coats as keeping them as warm as my jacket would, and after a short while the dogs,like people, welcome the warmth. It makes me angry when I hear people say, “They’re dogs. They belong outside.”

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  5. You wouldn’t happen to be in Colorado would you. Going to work this AM was cold, blizzard conditions, and at time like driving inside a golf ball. After about three miles I found a safe place, said they world can get by without me today, and went home. I’m not p[aid enough from my day job to die.

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  6. Carol, I’m imagining Bau is wondering how long the walk outside is going to be? What a terrific chart … I can relate to this and think I follow the advice for Moyen dogs. Otherwise it’s just too cold! Can’t wait for Spring either. Bulbs aplenty here but the frost has just started to arrive, after a very damp and grey December/January!

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  7. I feel so bad for little Bau – I just want to hug him warm!!! Same thing here in NE Ohio. Our poor little guy just looks out the window, moping; missing our long walks together (as I do too!) We’ve had it with the cold and overcast skies. Moving to Florida late spring where my hubby was offered a great position. God is good. ❤ Come visit next winter!!! (of course with our luck, it'll be the warmest on record in up north.) 🙂

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    • Oh, Ellie, you’re so lucky to be moving to warm Florida. I wish you and your family a smooth transition there and lots of happiness. Your poor little guy wishing he could go outside. Hopefully the warm weather will come sooner. ❤

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  8. For my cats, it’s too cold once temperatures “dip” into the 50s. Maxine, our eldest cat (15 years old and counting) will follow my husband around the house, nagging him until he finally sits down and she can get on his lap. Apparently the best human body heat comes from the groin 😉 Bau, you are one tough dog compared to my cats. I love your winter coat too. Very stylish!

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