Bau: Passing With Flying Colors

As expected, I passed my evaluation to become a therapy dog with flying colors. There were lots of dogs present, most much bigger than me. One even barked at me which I totally ignored although I did find that he was awfully rude and I secretly wished that he would fail the test.
I have to admit that the whole thing was a bit intimidating and since I had never done this before and didn’t know what to expect I stayed near my mistress and obeyed her. During one of the tests, all the dogs were required to pass by an enormous tray of cookies to see if any of us would steal one. It was tempting but with my super will power I didn’t even attempt a sniff. The big dog who barked at me pounced on the cookie tray and they went flying all over the place and heΒ  was immediately disqualified.
You can imagine how satisfying that was for me!

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50 thoughts on “Bau: Passing With Flying Colors

  1. Mazel tov, Bau! How exciting! Our canine friend, Skippy, whose parents and uncle are cc’d here, is also a therapy dog! Mazel tov to your mistress too. I think that Skippy and Bau would have a lot of fun together, however Skippy lives in Florida. Too bad. xoxo

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  2. Well done, Bau! You have a lot of wisdom and a big heart … and wow, I’m not sure I could have so much restraint passing up on cookies.

    Carol, Bau will do you proud as a therapy dog. Do you know exactly where he will be yet? Will it be with one person or in a hospital or such? I hope he’s still living with you though.

    Hope you’re both keeping warm and safe this winter. hugs, Annika xx

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    • Bau has quite a schedule lined up: at the Shriner’s Hospital, at a residence with patients suffering from Alzheimer, at a library and a school with children having learning difficulties.
      Yes, he is still living with me. The organization I belong to requires that we volunteer with our own dogs.
      Keeping warm is a challenge these days.
      Thank you, Annika, for your wishes of safety and hugs. xxx
      I hope your winter is not too brutal. ❀

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  3. Cute doggie and congrats on the certificate for Bau!! Skippy is now 13 and has been doing his rounds for a long time; Officially since his certification at age one, But ever since we got him at 3 1/2 months of age. They are truly furry angels. Enjoy your Adventures with your surgery Angel and thank you for sharing this exciting event with me, Sheindl!! I have high respect and admiration for those who help to optimize the abilities of their free ones and share them for the betterment of β€œperson-kind.” Congrats and stay warm and well during this cold spell. It’s down to 73 Fahrenheit in Fort Lauderdale. Brrrr. Just kidding! Come on down as we would love to see you all!

    Lots of love and hugs, CLAIRE, Larry and Skippy!

    Watch the second half of our TV show to learn more about what we do!!

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    • Jacqui, sometimes I don’t understand WordPress. Your comment went into my spam file. Can’t figure out why. Anyway, I retrieved it and thanks for your comment and for being here. πŸ™‚


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