Bau: Watching The Oscars

Yesterday, I was invited to an Oscar party and wore my best bow tie. Oscar parties are lots of fun. I got to eat bacon and steak and even cheese while waiting for Isle of Dogs to win as best Animated Feature film.

I wondered why there aren’t more dogs nominated for supporting roles. I thought of the dog in Roma. I had watched the film snuggled next to Mistress about a month ago and found the dog quite sympathetic.

As soon as I found out that Isle of Dogs didn’t win but Spider-Man did I made my way into the bedroom and settled in for the night. I was just too upset that there was not even a mention of the significance the dog played in Roma. 

For an interesting analysis of the dog in Roma click here.

Bau tie

31 thoughts on “Bau: Watching The Oscars

  1. You know, Bau, I’ve always thought dogs were great film characters, and really ought to get more Oscar attention. Did you know, I was once owned by a dog named Oscar. It’s a good fit.

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  2. Well, Bau, I often love a movie mostly because of the dog in it. And truthfully, I haven’t seen any of those that won–just don’t sound that interesting! I’m waiting for Lassie to hit the big screen.

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  3. How cute!! 😀 Bau is all dressed for the Oscars and wouldn’t go amiss on the red carpet! Maybe he should be in a film and become nominated!? I’ve been reading a lot about Roma and now even more intrigued by it … will take a look!

    Carol, wishing you a lovely week … and of course, Bau as well. Hope the work is going well for him. xx

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    • Thanks, Annika, for your kind words. The link with the post provides a good analysis of the characters in the film. I would have liked to have read it before seeing the movie.
      Have a lovely week as well, 🙂

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