Bau: Benefits of Reading To a Dog

Well, here I am on a poster. It was bound to happen with all my charisma. I am pleased and honored to announce that the library has made me their mascot for their Reading Program.

Library Poster

“Dogs trained to work in hospitals, nursing homes, disaster areas, and the like, their purpose to bring comfort and cheer in hopes of lightening whatever suffering humans might be going through. …(t)hey are often used to help children with emotional or learning difficulties. To improve speech and literacy skills, children in schools and libraries are being encouraged to read aloud to dogs. Excellent results have been reported, with children who read to dogs said to progress significantly better than children who read to other humans…

…If, as studies show, a dog’s nose is capable of detecting cancer, it would not be surprising if it could also detect changes caused by the relief of stress, or by the experience of mental stimulation or pleasure.”

In: The Friend by Sigrid Nunez.

I love being read to. Sometimes I fall asleep but most times I’m pretty alert. I find it rather pleasant and calming. I like it because I get to listen to stories. Most of them are about dogs, which is very considerate.


42 thoughts on “Bau: Benefits of Reading To a Dog

  1. So cute! But you know this is a good way to proofread your writing at home too. Reading aloud is very effective, and having a good canine listener really makes the job more pleasant.

  2. Congratulations, Bau! You will be an excellent spokesdog. And reading really does have a lot of benefits, both for the person reading and for the ‘readee.’ There’s ca lot of research, too, that supports the value of dogs as companions in many different situations. So…why not put the two together?

  3. Oh Carol This is amazing How so special Bauis, he is very lucky to have you as his mistress so he may experience theses womderful encounters Love you Xoxo

    Envoyé de mon iPhone Deborah Humphrey


  4. Congratulations on being the library mascot, Bau. They picked the best dog for the job. Everyone loves being read to, especially dog stories. xo

  5. Bau, you’re famous! 😀 What a brilliant idea for reading aloud… I reckon I’d get too distracted with his cuteness though to concentrate much! Hope all is well with you, Carol! Hugs Xx

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