Bau: A New Friend

One of my favorite activities is lying in bed in the morning although mistress doesn’t consider it an activity. Anyway, I’m only just half napping.

I love, love, love it when she gets up in the morning and then returns to bed with a cup of tea and her iPad while she snuggles her feet near me. I could stay like this all day!

But then she spoils it by saying time to  get to work and although, at first, I’m not too enthusiastic about leaving the bed, it ends up being a great day.


shriners 3

Photo taken with permission from The Shriners Hospital in Montreal 

22 thoughts on “Bau: A New Friend

  1. It is a lot of fun to curl up and stay warm, Bau. But it looks as though you’ve met some wonderful friends, and the work you do there is so important. I’ll bet all of the people you meet there just love you.

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    • Dogs must have some kind of energy that makes people smile and want to pet them. They have this force that attracts people to them. Sometimes I wonder if they’re aware of their power. Although food is a great motivator for them. Thanks, Ellie for commenting. I’m sure your pup brings lots of joy to those who come in contant with him. ❤

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  2. Oh, Bau, you are so special! The photo of you and your new friend made me smile but also a little choked up. Enjoy your snuggles in bed. Although you admit that you’re not too enthusiastic about getting up and going out, you find so many rewards for doing so and you give so many in return.

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