Bau: Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday

Today, I am celebrating my 5th birthday which, according to a chart put out by the American Veterinary Medical Association, I am 36!

Dogs age nine human years between ages 1 and 2
A lot of development is still happening in a dog’s second year of life.
By the end of the second year, medium-sized dogs have developed by about nine years, and are 24 in human years, the AVMA says.
After year 2, dogs age about 4 to 6 human years per year
Here’s where you can toss out the seven-year rule, and where things really start to vary. The chart from the AVMA shows dogs aging about four to six years each year after year 2. Between ages 3 and 5, for example, they age by four years each year.
Between age 5 and 6, they age by six years. Then, between ages 6 and 7, they age by five years. Between ages 7 and 8, it goes back down to four years.

In Simplemost by Brittany Anas:


53 thoughts on “Bau: Happy Birthday

  1. Well, Happy Birthday, Bau! You’re a real grownup now, with a responsible, adult job that is really important. I hope you’re taking time to relax, and spending some time with your human companion. Enjoy your special day!

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    • It’s a magic trick not available to humans. Imagine being 36 and in shape like a five year old! I’ve seen a few humans 36 and beyond sometimes act like they’re five. Thanks for your wonderful comments, Annika. πŸ™‚

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