Bau: Introducing Kip

My family has a new member. His name is Kip and is still a baby (4 months old). The problem is that Kip wants to play all the time. When you’re five – like me – you’re more interested in a good game of tag around a field than having Kip jump on my back, especially since he weighs the same as I do. Have a look at his paws. They are heavy.


Kip all swell

The other day I got a real scare as my Mistress came home with Kip, without Kip’s Mistress (my human sister). My immediate thought was Oh, no! don’t tell me that Kip’s coming to live here.

That put me in a sulky mood and so I jumped onto the bed, safe from Kip’s constant harassement. He barked because he couldn’t get on the bed but soon settled on the floor next to where I lay. As soon as I got up, he followed me around, nudging his head on mine, really entering my space. It’s very annoying.

It takes a great deal of tolerance and patience to endure him, especially when I watch him eating and drinking out of my bowls. But I say nothing. I am such a good doggie.

Later, Mistress left with Kip and returned without him. I jumped for joy although a part of me already misses him.



40 thoughts on “Bau: Introducing Kip

  1. Hello, Bau,
    Well! Getting used to Kip is definitely going to take some time, I’m sure. He looks like a very cute dog, but I’m sure he can be annoying, too, to a grown dog like you. As he gets a little older, he’ll settle down a little, and I’ll bet you’ll enjoy his company a lot more than you do now. And he’ll be fun to play with, too! He really is adorable (just like you are!).

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    • Thanks, Sheindl. It’s really nice of you to drop by and comment. Hope all is well with you as well and that you’re having success with your business. xxx Your website is really neat and pretty. ❀


  2. Oh Carol you have GOT to write a children’s book with Bau as the star! What a delightful read. When I read the headline, I must confess, I thought you found another dog, for your love of Bau had created a “puppy-gettin'” monster and your house would be overflowing with rescued new dogs because one dog is never enough!!! What a cutie! Give Bau a hug from me, ❀

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    • Thanks, Ellie, for your encouragement. It’s not only the time I’m lacking but also the energy. Kip is my daughter’s puppy and Bau is still not very happy about him being around. The other day, we took them both into a field for a run and Kip, unable to brake crashed right into Bau. That didn’t help his cause. Have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚


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