35 thoughts on “Bau: Back in the Driver’s Seat

  1. So cute you should send it the license Bureau as an ad not to let dogs drive Or people who have had to many alcoholic Drinks

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  2. Take advantage of an ad that the Regis could buy Dogs are the center of attraction this days

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  3. cute dogs


    ________________________________ De : Carol Balawyder EnvoyΓ© : 31 octobre 2019 23:39 Γ€ : largo113@hotmail.com Objet : [New post] Bau: Back in the Driver’s Seat

    Carol Balawyder posted: ” Bau: Hold on, Kip. With me you’re going to have lots of fun. Just wait and see. Kip: I wonder if he has his driver’s license. “

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    • Annika, your perception of Kip is so on target. As I studied his expression I tried to imagine what he was thinking. To me he looked kind of worried. Sort of get me out of here attitude whereas Bau seemed reckless. Thanks for being here. Hope your weekend is magical. ❀

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