Bau: My Favorite Book

I am extremely disappointed that my mistress did not include me in her latest book – not even as inspiration for a character – especially since I spent incalculable hours on my mistress’s lap comforting her as she wrote her novel when I could have been having another nap. Instead, there I was, helping her painstakingly check for errors. If there are any such errors they rest entirely on her shoulders, not mine. I am, however, mentioned in her acknowledgement page. Just barely.

Warning Signs




Eugene’s research into his criminal mind is not about the why, but how to prevent his horrific crimes. Angie, a young woman starving for passion sees Eugene as her saviour from a lonely life of caring for her heroin addicted mother. How far is she willing to go in order to save her relationship with Eugene and his promise for a future together?

Detective Van Ray is out on a vindictive mission as he attempts to solve the murders of young girls in Youth Protection.

Their lives collide in a mixture of mistrust, obsession and ignoring the warning signs. A psychological crime novel about human frailty and loneliness.


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43 thoughts on “Bau: My Favorite Book

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your human pet didn’t include you in the story. Still, I know she’s grateful for your help and your editing. And the story sounds good! If I were you, I’d insist on being in her next book!

  2. Poor Bau, but, think, a psychological thriller might not be the right genre for such a sweet and selfless pup as yourself. Probably best that you’re in the acknowledgements this time 😉 That said, this novel sounds very intriguing! (And congratulations, Carol 🙂👍❤️)

  3. Congratulations, Carol and love Bau’s introduction of your latest book! The cutest one ever!

    A beautiful cover and captivating premise for a book … I like the idea of a detective novel infused with human frailty!

    • Thank you, Annika for your kind words. I really enjoy having Bau on my lap when I write. It’s comforting and when I feel stuck I pet him or start brushing his fur which he doesn’t seem to mind. You, and others, have put the idea in my mind to have a dog in my next novel. Thank you for your inspiration, as always. ❤

  4. Poor Bau! It’s true – the hard work of a canine muse is rarely recognized. But muse on! Without your input there would likely have been split infinitives all over the place. Now, I’ve got a book to check out…

  5. Lol Bau, I think this moment is Carol’s to shine, but I’m sure you gave her lots of inspiration. 🙂
    Congratulations Carol! You do know I look so forward to reading this! Off to grab my copy!! ❤ And will share around social media and my Literary group on Facebook to help spread the word. ❤

    • Thank you, Debby. I so much appreciate it but I don’t have to tell you how us Indie writers depend on getting the word around. I am grateful to have a blogging community and especially bloggers like you who selflessly go out of your way to encourage and help your fellow bloggers. You are a shining star! ❤
      I hope that you'll enjoy the book. xxx

      • I have no doubts Carol. I’ve enjoyed all your books and always look forward to the next one! I have my copy and look so forward to reading, and of course will review and feature on my Sunday review once I do. Also, I’d love to have you over to my blog in the new year for my Q and A series ❤

      • Thank you, Debbie for your kind words. Thank you also for inviting me for your Q and A series. ❤ I will be away from mid January till mid February on a yoga trip to India and will not be on WordPress during that time. I'll leave it up to you whether you want to do it before or after. ❤ xxx

      • How exciting Carol! I’m away from blogging too for my winter escape to Mexico from end of Jan til mid March, and no blogging either, lol. I have an idea. Can you drop me an email so I can get your email address or leave it here so I can drop you a line? ❤

      • A break from blogging helps to regenerate – otherwise it’s like taking your work on vacation. Mid-January to mid March sounds like you’ll be missing winter. Part of my India trip is in the southern part where it will also be sunshine and summer. 🙂
        Here’s my e-mail:
        Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. ❤

      • Fantastic, thanks Carol. I’ll drop you a line later! And yes, a complete break, lots of books, walks on the beach and total sunshine. Rejuvenation indeed! ❤

  6. Hi, Carol. Just wanted to buzz by and tell you how much I’m enjoying “Warning Signs.” Am about halfway through and gobbling it up. I always love your writing, and I’m really liking the darker edge to this one. Really good! Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • Oh, so wonderful to hear from you, Carrie. I miss you on WordPress. Thank you for your kind words on my writing. How about you? What have you been working on? Happy Holidays to you and your family. ❤

      • I’m doing well, thank you. Got a couple projects in the works—signed with an agent in August for a psychological thriller I finished last spring, and book two in my Benjamin Oris series is in the hands of beta readers—so I’m keeping busy. Looking forward to starting something new. I do miss blogging, but I get more writing done now, so I guess it’s a payoff. I should probably post an update soon though. 😄

      • Good to hear that things are moving for you. Good luck with your agent and your psychological thriller. Keep me updated on that as well as your book two in your Benjamin Oris series. I’m also looking forward to starting something new-ish. I have a draft which I’m thinking about how I want to go with it. It’s kind of sitting in the back of my head and hoping that something will materialize. It’s the sort of thing that you (at least I) can’t rush and have faith that it eventually will. Such is the process of writing. Keep well and all the best, Carrie. 🙂

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