Bau: Oskar’s Quest


Oskar's Quest 2

As many of you probably know I do volunteer work. My mistress takes me to different community centers but one of my favorite places is going to the library and having the children read to me. It is extremely relaxing! So, I was very happy when Mistress began reading out loud to me Oskar’s Quest while I was in bed – even more relaxing although there were some tense and suspenseful moments when I worried about little Oskar.

I lay next to Mistress as close to the book as I could get and listened very carefully. I learnt a few new words (in case you didn’t know, dogs can have an amazingly large vocabulary, especially smart dogs like me so people shouldn’t be afraid of teaching dogs and little children new words). There were interesting sounding words such as murmured, fearlessly and scaredy-bird.

After Mistress had finished reading the book I thought hard about Oskar being the bravest bird in the world as I fell asleep and dreamt that I was the bravest dog in the world!

Oscar's Quest by Annika Perry

A lovely book for children, adults and dogs.

Visit Annika Perry here

42 thoughts on “Bau: Oskar’s Quest

  1. Bless you, Bau and your lovely mistress, Carol! 😀 What a fantastic surprise and I can’t stop smiling! You’ve both made this a most wonderful start to 2020 for me and I love how you capture the story of Oskar. Oh, I totally agree that one should never be afraid of using new or slightly tricky words for children (or dogs!) … they are fun to repeat, try out!

    Happy Story Listening, Bau and sweet sweet dreams!

    Annika xx 😀❤️

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  2. I’m so glad you got to hear a good story, Bau! There’s nothing like listening to a story, is there? As you say, it’s so relaxing. And you’re right about teaching new words. There are all sorts of studies that suggest that being read to increases children’s vocabulary. I’m sure it does for dogs, too. Have a Happy New Year, and the same to your Mistress!

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  3. Carol, you brought a new magic to a review. Reading for your intelligent and sweet Bau and
    let him tell. He even learns new words and get to have a wonderful dream.
    Oskar’s Quest is indeed an inspiring and at time suspenseful book. Clever Bau.


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  4. That is so darn cute. “Bravest dog in the world”–you are I’m sure, Bau.
    And Carol–I’m reading your latest book, Warning Signs. Wow. It was my New Year’s Day read–didn’t finish it only because there’s so much there. Another wow.

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  5. Hello Carol-Ann,

    It is always a pleasure for me to read Bau’s postings, but this one on Oskar’s quest touched me particularly . Bau is the sweetest of all dogs. He writes so well and has kind thoughts for such a young dog! Noushka can’t even spell.

    Are you almost ready for your trip to India ?

    We have Sandrine (Michel’s daughter) staying with us until next Monday. She arrived with a huge cold but her health is slowly improving and should be just fine when she returns home and starts to work again. She is very good company and I enjoy having her with us.

    Take care,



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