My India: Goa

Yoga and meditation was the theme of this yoga trip. As it was winter in India, starting off south made sense to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather. Also, Southern India is less of a culture shock than Northern India. This was especially evident by the yoga teachers and participants who were mostly European or Australian.

Yoga ashram

The lush vegetation was soothing as I walked from my room to a yoga class.

Ashiyana yoga center Goa

An easy stroll through the village towards Mandrem Beach, reminding me that I am in India.

Street in Goa

Goa, located on the western coast of the Arabian Sea, proved to be a perfect place to limber up my body as I practiced different types of yoga with different teachers and prepared for the trip ahead.

Goa beach





26 thoughts on “My India: Goa

  1. Such beautiful ‘photos, Carol! And so especially welcome now, at a time where we’re all trying to get through this time of anxiety. Thanks for sharing.

    • Goa is wonderful. I only got to see the northern part of Goa. India is so large that it is difficult to take it all in in such short time. Glad you had a wonderful time in Goa, June. ❤

    • Moving like a snail is a good idea. We tend to rush around too much wanting to get as much as we can in and forgetting to notice our sourroundings or to be mindful or grateful. Thanks for your comment, Jill. ❤

  2. Goa’s beaches all seem characteristically vast and wide from what I see in other people’s photographs – lovely for long walks 🤗

  3. Carol I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your writing about India. You come across as a sweet woman who is serious about her life. I love the pictures too. Thank You.

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