My India: Kerala

Kerala is a state in the southern part of India. We stayed in, Cochin,  a pretty fishing town by the sea.



One of the nice parts of Kerala are the backwaters – a network of lagoons, lakes and rivers. As soon as I was on the water I felt a peacefulness come over me. It was absolutely delicious and delightful and appreciative to be in total silence. India is very noisy with its constant honking and motorbikes.


Kerala is also known for the iconic Chinese fishing nets along the Fort Kochi shoreline. In the evenings people gather by the shore where the fishermen sell their catch.


Cochin nets

It was at a yoga studio in Kerala that I had a wonderful yoga experience where the instructor had me do a head stand, something I hadn’t done in ages. That day I learned that yoga is also about physical memory and overcoming my fears.


Head stand

12 thoughts on “My India: Kerala

  1. What a lovely, peaceful-looking town, Carol! I’m sure that whole experience has left you with a treasure trove of memories. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. You look pretty powerful in that headstand, Carol. Those used to be fun! Your comment about the quiet–isn’t that true? I am constantly amazed listening to reports from America’s White House–I can hear the birds! I never even knew they were there before.


    • Quiet is the silver lining in this lockdown. I can’t imagine some part of India ever being silent! Doing the headstand was wonderful. I never thought I would do one again. But there you go…Try it, Jacqui. ❤


  3. LOVELY. Silence in India, and your head stand. I’ve done a great shoulder stand and plow in previous yoga classes, but never succeeded with the head stand. I know that the more I practice yoga, the more flexible I am – in body and mind. xo


    • Jill, I would never attempt a headstand without the help of someone close by to make me feel secure. All you need is for someone to hold your feet. I’m sure you’ll be able to do one. Thanks for your comment. xxx

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