My India: Pondicherry

This pretty French influenced city is located along the south-east coast of India on the Bay of Bengal. Its architecture is cheerful and colorful.

Pondi pretty house

Kolam art is very popular in Pondicherry. A kolam is drawn with white rice powder every morning in doorway entrances in honor of the Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune) and to bring harmony and joy into the house.

Pondi Happiness


The black stones are a feature of the beach.


Pondicherry Beach

In the evenings people dress up to walk along the Seaside Promenade. It is a beautiful site to see the women in their colorful saris. In the afternoons it is deserted under a hot Greek-like blue sky.

Pondi boardwalk

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is in Pondicherry and it is here really where my spiritual quest took a leap forward. No photographs are permitted inside the Aurobindo Ashram. Having taken off my sandals I stepped into a beautiful garden overflowing with flowers.ย  People sat in a circle and meditated. I felt like I was touching the spiritual heart of India.

aurobindo ashram


26 thoughts on “My India: Pondicherry

  1. How bright and lovely it all is, Carol! I like the custom of the promenade. And I’m sure you had a powerful experience at the ashram. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for commenting, Jill. Sorry I’m so late in responding – just had problems with my comments section but hopefully things are cleared up. The architecture was in the French quarter and it truly s remarkable. Keep well. โค


  2. Hi Carol,Thanks for this little cameo of Pondicherry. In the past it was once a journey I wanted to take, Auribindo.I now have put it of to my next life, satisfyingly…I trust you are well and able to concentrate on your writing. Personally I find it even more difficult these days than usually…I hope all your family is well, particularly Michael. All of my gang is fine.Take care and remain of good cheer.RSent from my Galaxy Tabยฎ E

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