Bau: Portrait of a Dog

Portrait of Bau

Before the lockdown occurred I would go do volunteer work at a school in Point St. Charles which has been known as one of the Toughest Neighbourhoods in Canada.

Without sounding like I am bragging, the children and staff LOVED me. It’s nice to have someone show their appreciation towards you and openly express how happy they are to see you.

People don’t do that so much, I’ve noticed. As for me, I’m always happy to see my mistress and I can tell you that I don’t hold back. I race to her as soon as she comes in the door and jump up and down placing my front paws on her legs and sometimes even doing a little dance. I think people should take a lesson from me and show those they love how much they like being with them.

Because of the lockdown I haven’t been back to the school and so I keep this portrait (which Cameron, one of the young boys, drew of me) as a reminder of how great it feels for someone to care enough about you that they want to draw your portrait.

For all of you who love dogs

Artists will be featured virtually on our website, throughout our social media channels and in the Museum pending reopening guidelines, between August 24th – September 7th.


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24 thoughts on “Bau: Portrait of a Dog

  1. And so “on the bark (I mean “mark”). If people took a lesson from dogs they might be a lot happier. If you think about how your dog behaves when you come home, and you did the same for your loved ones when they come home, they’d think you were crazy at first but they would love it. We can learn a lot from our pets. Your Bau is so sweet!

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    • I like your play on words, Anneli! Spoken like a true writer. ❤ I suppose with social distancing that might be hard to practice but I'm sure people would love it. We might not jump or dance but we can say how happy we are to see them. ❤

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  2. Of course they loved you. Children always love caring people who bring interest and attention and caring. People who are interested in them and know how to listen. And bring dogs. And I speak as a cat person!

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  3. Ooh, I love children’s art! I like how they draw what they feel and not things as they are. That is truly a valuable portrait you have.

    (I went to the museum application, and it looks like the deadline was Aug. 7, not Sept. 7. 😦 Thank you for sharing news about the museum, though. I had no idea it existed!)

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  4. Good for you, Bau. I hope you’re back volunteering sooner than you think. It’s a wonderful program you were involved in. I know, because my sister started the dog therapy program at the Janeway Children’s hospital here in our province.

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  5. What a good suggestion, Bau, to show more appreciation to people…..maybe not go as far as you do when you dance around and put your pays on people….

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  6. Bau, you are becoming ever wiser! 😀 People are often so guarded in showing their immediate joy and happiness, scared of making a fool of themselves, showing too much of their inner emotions. You do right to greet your mistress with such exuberance! hugs to you both! xx ❤️

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