Anneli Purchase: Reckoning Tide

Two men want the same woman but for different reasons. Jim wants to love Andrea while for Robert she is a possession for him to do whatever he wants with her.

Anneli Purchase portrays a realistic picture of the lasting fear and degradation which victims of domestic violence endure.  After escaping an abusive marriage as shown in Anneli’s previous book The Wind Weeps,  Andrea finds herself, along with Jim, continuing to run from Robert’s violence and cruelty. He is determined to bring Andrea back to live with him.

Think of a book or film with a car chase in it. Now think of this chase being not in cars but in boats as Andrea and Jim try to stay a step ahead of Robert as they go through the many inlets, bays and arms off Vancouver Island on their way north to fish. The setting plays a major role in the novel as Anneli Purchase immerses the reader through the various channels and sounds.

Fitzhugh Sound was like a freeway, a huge, wide water highway.

The setting is also used as a metaphor for the novel’s plot where at times it is smooth sailing and calm while other times there are obstacles to face:

The tide would run into flats so quickly.

I got swiftly carried into this book. I particularly liked that the romance in the book was told from one of the male character’s perspective and the sex scenes between Jim and Andrea were absolutely enjoyable and surprisingly sizzling.

15 thoughts on “Anneli Purchase: Reckoning Tide

  1. Thank you for this post, Carol. What a pleasant surprise! I hope the readers of The Wind Weeps will take up this sequel and find out what happens. They will find that after I left them hanging just a bit in the first book, Reckoning Tide will bring the whole story to a satisfying conclusion. Also … I think I have to go read those sizzling sex scene over again.

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  2. This sounds suspenseful, Carol. I can see how you were carried along by the story. And I like it when a story is realistic about issues such as domestic violence. It’s also nice when a story shows that survivors can also find some happinesss.

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