Bau: About My Food

Kibble. UGH! She says it so sweetly. Come, Bau, and  eat your kibble. Her voice has the tone that says I have something really special. I know it’s supposed to be good for me. Full of protein that helps me grow healthy and have strong bones and a shiny coat. But really I prefer a nice piece of cheese or real liver although I don’t mind the dried liver especially when she sprinkles some on my kibble.

I get a piece of the dried liver whenever I poop outside. If I poop inside on my potty mat then I get another treat – roast turkey delights.  I don’t know why I get different treats depending on where I poop. Humans are sometimes hard to figure out. I thought hard about this. One of the advantages of being a dog is that you’ve got lots of time to think. I might look like I’m snoozing but really I’m thinking. And so, this is what I came up with. I prefer the liver bits to the turkey bits so maybe mistress is training me to go outside more.  I’m a regular Sherlock Holmes, don’t you think?

Another thing about kibble while we’re on the subject is that mistress has been  putting less and less sprinkles on my kibble. It didn’t take me long to figure that one out, although I must say that I try to hold out as much as I can and give her my best sad starving look in hopes that she’ll cave in.

Actually the kibble doesn’t taste that bad. It’s the effort of having to crack it, like having to crack shelled walnuts with your bare teeth. Apparently, it’s suppose to be good for my teeth. I don’t know who came up with that one! Certainly not a dog.

51 thoughts on “Bau: About My Food

  1. You know, Bay, you’re not the only one who’d prefer human good to kibble. My dogs would, too. But your mistress loves you and wants you to grow up strong and healthy. And I’ll bet she chooses the yummiest kibble she can find for you. And, yes, you are clever!

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  2. Max wants Bau to know that he used to get kibble but successfully protested and now gets Blue Natural Senior (canned!) for dinner. He continues to accept crunchy kibble-like treats at other times. Max was successful in his mostly peaceful protest because at 13 1/2 he gets privileges that were not available to him in his younger years. I asked for the same treatment from the Alpha Japanese Female was soundly rebuked even though I am also an old and well-trained curmudgeon.

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    • Kipple as treats reminds me that if I give Bau his kibble outside he eats it up like it’s treats! So strange. As a senior Max deserves special privileges. Thanks for stopping by and continuing the conversation. ❤

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      • Oh Carol, thank you so much – I sure appreciate you! ❤ Hey, last Sunday, I wrote down your name and your book Warning Signs and gave it to a neighbor. She enjoys psychological thrillers and is an avid reader. So I'm hoping to return the favor, 🙂 (We writers have to help each other. I wish I knew other cost effective ways to advertise. Gail suggested Instagram which I'll look into.) Lots of blessings back,

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      • Ellie, I have a post coming out on your lovely book Restoring Hope. I’m still a bit unfamiliar about using their new WordPress Block platform so I’m not certain when exactly it is to be posted. I hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving. ❤

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      • Carol you have always been my strongest, most encouraging supporter. I wish you knew how much I appreciate you. ❤ BTW, I feel the same way about this horrible new WP Block platform. For the time being I've clicked onto the META: Posts +All Posts and then been able to use the Classic Editor version. Sure hope WP continues that option! Blessings back,

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  3. Bau -oh Bau. Your sweet exterior makes us think you’re not as SMART and wise as you are. Tell your person to add some canned pumpkin to your Kibble. Supposed to be good for you, and the taste (I’m told by others of your kind) is yummy!

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