30 thoughts on “Bau: Laundry Day

  1. You know what, Bau? My dogs love laundry day, too. One of them likes to make a nest in my comforter. And they both like to sniff at the dryer to see if the clothes are done!

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  2. Bau, are you sure you didn’t end up in the tumble dryer as well?!😀 Your fur looks a bit fluffed up! I love putting my face into the freshly aired laundry as I carry it inside from the line – gives such a rush of joy!😀

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    • Oh, fresh laundry from being on the line outside is something I miss from having moved into my condo. I also enjoyed hanging the clothes on the line in the sun. Strangely (or maybe not so strange) yesterday I wrote a scene on the latest novel i am working on regarding just that: laundry out to dry outside.
      Thanks, Annika for your comment – a rush of joy! ❤

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      • Ahhh … there is something so special about freshly dried laundry from outside. The first time in the States I made a faux pas at my boyfriend’s parents house as I did the washing and then after much searching found pegs and put it all on an old line outside! Once I’d washed it of course. The horror of the family when they discovered what I’d done … not sure if this was a
        Rhode Island thing but obviously no more washing to dry outside after that! What a coincidence that this topic should feature in your book! Can’t wait to learn more!

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