In With The New, Out With The Old

We all know that 2020 was a year to forget. A year like no other most of us have ever lived in our life time. Corona-19 virus with mask wearing, lockdowns, social distancing, Zoom meetings, jobs lost, concerts cancelled, restaurants closed, take-outs, home schooling, travel plans on hold, working from home, line ups for toilet paper, food banks, mom and pop’s going out of business, standing in line for groceries, no hugging, gyms closed, deaths, many deaths – too many, overworked front line workers, hospital beds at capacity and need I go on?

But soon 2020 will be over (good riddance) and we will embrace 2021 with vaccines and a renewed optimism.

So, let’s start off the new year on a positive note by remembering something good that happened to us in 2020.

For me, it was my trip to India which I wrote about on this blog.

I was fortunate enough to return home before the virus hit my country and lockdowns began.

So, what was it for you? What’s one good thing that you remember from 2020?

Kolam art is very popular in Pondicherry. A Kolam is drawn with white rice powder every morning in doorway entrances in honor of the Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune) and to bring harmony and joy into the house.
May your home be always filled with love, kindness, warmth, joy and peace throughout 2021.

70 thoughts on “In With The New, Out With The Old

  1. I love that positivity, Carol. And I’m so glad you had the chance for that trip to India – what an experience! Thank you for sharing it with us. For me, I had a book come out this past year. Couldn’t have a launch for it, but it came out, and that was a real sense of accomplishment.

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  2. Nothing I don’t want to remember I am now on relaxation meds it seems to help Today I was able to do things We are spending new year eve with A shrimp already cooked ring and I made a salmon and cream cheese Starter Happy New Year What will you do?

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    • Sounds like a great New Year’s Eve. Me, I’m alone and will work a bit on my novel (first draft that I told myself I would finish it by end of December – which I will). Also I might watch a bit of CNN’s New Year’s special but will go to bed early.


  3. Like any year, there were many good moments, and we mustn’t forget that for the most part, good things happened, but if you let the Covid pandemic overshadow everything else, of course it looks gloomy. Many people had bad experiences with it, but setting the pandemic aside, life went on and it wasn’t all bad. No big event stands out for me, but I know that many people stayed strong when it would have been easier to fall apart. I hope we take that strength with us into the new year and face adversity just a bravely as we have done in 2020, and with any luck, we will have a wonderful year ahead of us.

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    • Oh, what a beautiful comment, Anneli. One of the bright sides of 2020 for me was reading your posts. They always delighted me. Yes, developing strength in the face of adversity is the silver lining. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year’s Eve. ❤

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      • Thank you, Carol. It’s really like any other evening, except I’m thinking about plans for the new year, projects, chores I’ve put off, how I hope to improve myself and things I undertake to do. I stop short of making resolutions. It’s great time to make lists and plan. I like that you have a new book in the works. That always takes away any lonely thoughts. It also allows you time to work when you are by yourself. That can be a very good thing. So happy writing in 2021!

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  4. Happy New Year Carol, here in Australia we have nearly beaten the ‘virus’…. and we are starting 2021 on a positive note… I suppose with all the lockdown time of 2020 I managed to write and finish a manuscript for my book, and now I have a publisher/editor to sponsor my book, which is due to come out in March…


    A Meeting Place
    Where My Empty Hands Are Full Of Memories And Rhymes

    Poems By Ivor Steven

    Tullawalla – A Meeting Place

    Chapter 1.
    Nature, Trees, And The Air We Breathe
    Chapter 2.
    My Empty Hands Are Full Of Memories And Rhymes
    Chapter 3.
    Dragons, Wizards, Faeries, And A Space Craft
    Chapter 4.
    Humour, Wit, Sarcasm, And Christmas Stories
    Chapter 5.
    Observations – The Sound Of Silence
    Chapter 6.
    Travel – Air, Land, And Sea
    Chapter 7.
    The Family Tree And Dream-time Stories
    Chapter 8.
    Haiku’s And The Leftover Champagne
    Chapter 9.
    Not Horror But Weird
    Chapter 10.
    Beyond The Blue Horizon
    Words Of Mine

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    • Yup! I’m not American but the world follows American politics. The Trump years have been horrible on the American image. Biden has a great task before him trying to repair all the damage which the Trump presidency has done. Fingers crossed and positive energy for the Georgia elections.

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  5. Happy New Year sweet friend! Never losing hope and forgetting what was behind was the only way to get through this past year for me. Surrounding myself with positive people while ridding myself of the negative, toxic ones, ensured “smile survival.” Turning quarantine into positive actions, as you know, was the path to completing another sequel, Restoring Hope. Surviving challenging times make the Good ones more Wonderful! Blessings to you and yours for a fabulous New Year, You are one special, talented lady with a cute dog! ❤

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    • Thank you, Ellie. I am so grateful to have you as a blogger friend. Your friendship is precious to me.
      Yes, surrounding ourselves with positive people is a great New Years’ resolution. Who needs toxic people around us!
      All the best in the new year for you and your loved ones and may inspiration and creativity feed a need book for you. ❤

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  6. For me, I was in Mexico for 6 weeks and came home the day before lockdown – like a whirlwind. Seems like a lifetime ago.
    Happy New Year my friend. All good things! ❤

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  7. Like Widdershins, although this has been a year of many deaths, I have lost no-one to the virus. Good memories from 2020? Finally being able to take my partner to Stonehenge, after hours, and go within the stones once more…. and having him here to call the ambulance and save my life a few days later when I collapsed (and not from the virus either 😉 )

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  8. Happy New Year to you, Carol and thank you for the beautiful wish for us at the end of your post! 😀 I loved reading about your trip to India and that was the start of my virtual travels this year! Our one and only trip away this year was a night away as we took our son up to uni in February. As always we stopped and had a special pub meal before dropping him off at his student accommodation. Afterwards, we drove to an idyllic village in the middle of nowhere and stayed in a pretty hotel overnight. The next day we met friends from New Zealand and Australia and had a fabulous long walk across snowy fields before a long Sunday lunch! Never would have guessed that was our last meal out for 2020! Trying to be positive but the UK at the moment in a very dark place and the nightmare only worsens. Hunkering down and trying to keep safe and focused. Take care, my friend! xx

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    • A pub meal…conjures up memories regarding the summer I spent in London many decades ago. I suppose this year we will have to content ourselves with virtual travelling. But at least that option offers us the possibility to go anywhere in the world and even in space if we so wish. Perhaps this is why I tend to be drawn to bloggers who post photographs of their travels to places I will likely never go, whether it is in the desert, in national forests or undersea.
      Hunkering down does seem to becoming the norm. We here in Montreal will begin a curfew for 3 to 4 weeks trying to lower our cases.
      Take care, be safe and be inspired and motivated, my friend. xx

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