Carrie Rubin: The Bone Hunger

I received a copy of The Bone Hunger as part of Carrie Rubin’s recent give-away. Thank you, Carrie.

Imagine going for a walk in the park with your young son, his mother and a yellow lab and you come upon a leg. Not just any leg but a chewed-up leg that you recognize as one you helped place an orthopedic implant into.  

Such is how The Bone Hunger begins and once again, Benjamin Oris is the protagonist of Carrie Rubin’s second medical mystery thriller. Oris first appeared in The Bone Curse.

Rubin, herself a physician who has turned novelist, brings credibility to the detailed medical aspects of the novel from the tense, focused staff during surgery; the oversized egos of power hungry surgeons; the conflict for recognition; the pressures that lead to drug addiction and a front seat view of orthopedic surgery.

Benjamin Oris is a second-year resident orthopedics surgeon filled with career ambitions but this finding of one of his patient’s legs places a hamper on his drive to win the Conley Research Grant.  When another severed leg is found in another park and then another, it is obvious to the orthopedic team that they are looking at a serial killer. Could this killer be one of their own? There are many suspects in this terrifying whodunit novel, each with credible motives.

Besides the medical viewpoints of the novel there is also a personal and dramatic side to Dr. Oris. Oris is a likeable character with integrity and modesty. Here we see the tenderness and concern that Oris has for his son but also for his mother who is in a coma, his father who has recently lost his partner and his relationship with his companion Laurette, a public health student from Haiti who adds a touch of paranormal to the novel.  

Carrie Rubin seamlessly juggles many characters in this novel (from the hospital staff, to Oris’ personal relationships and family). The unique plot is both action oriented and character driven. The conflict is high in tension while the writing style is fast paced.

The story is mainly told in the third person but Rubin uses the first person as she lets us get into the head of the killer and his eerie obsession for flesh and blood.  

An interesting read about orthopedic surgery but also a compelling thriller.

Carrie Rubin is also the author of an entertaining cozy mystery The Cruise Ship Lost My Daughter under the name Morgan Mayer. You can read my Amazon review here.

20 thoughts on “Carrie Rubin: The Bone Hunger

  1. This sounds intriguing, Carol. I always like it when someone with expertise creates a story that taps that knowledge. The characters sound interesting, too, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

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  2. I had to read your first paragraph twice – finding a leg and then recognising it – certainly an original plot. With four medical people in our family we are all interested in medical things so this sounds more enticing than the usual murder mysteries.

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  3. So nice of you to post a review of The Bone Hunger, Carol. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and you’re very kind to spread the word. Hope you’ve got something new in the mix too. I always enjoy your novels!

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  4. Carol, like Janet I had to reread your opening sentences! Absolutely unique plot and I like the fact it is character driven. Your review is captivating and this year I’ve returned to thrillers a bit so one for my list!

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  5. So glad to read that Carrie’s new book is out! I really enjoyed The Bone Curse and glad that The Bone Hunger includes the same major character(s). Benjamin is a neat guy. 🙂 Congrats to Carrie!

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