Jennifer Kelland Perry: Calmer Secrets

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The Cross family (Darlene, Samantha, Veronica, baby Henry and Cash, Darlene’s boyfriend) are a normal family with its own problems ranging from sibling conflict over a boy, a mother’s drinking problem and abuse.

Calmer Secrets is a novel about good people making bad choices. It is a book about an affectionate family sticking together through thick and thin.

But it is also about romantic relationships. There’s Darlene with Cash, her live-in boyfriend who get along splendidly. Then Veronica’s dating “like you’re going through a box of Kleenex,” Samantha tells her and finally there’s Samantha’s conflict between two guys.

For anyone who has gone through dating in their early twenties, you will recognize the angst, vulnerability and fragility of that period of beginning to date.

Although Calmer Secrets is classed as a Young Adult book there isn’t an age to stop enjoying a book genre. I’ve always loved YA books, often taking me back to my own young adulthood and providing me with a few new vocabulary words:

Girl, you are bangin, says one of Samantha’s boyfriend’s when he sees her appear. To which she answers You’re pretty dope yourself. By the context I took these words to mean cool.

Calmer Secrets takes place in St John’s, Newfoundland, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. It was a pleasure reading about the vibrant painted row-houses, the pubs and the mall and a major blizzard which the author cleverly uses to advance her plot.

It’s a heartwarming book. Filled with love and tenderness and suspense.

26 thoughts on “Jennifer Kelland Perry: Calmer Secrets

  1. Families and relationships can be really complex, Carol. It’s good to hear that this book acknowledges that and explores it. And I like the fact that the characters sound sympathetic, even when they make mistakes and bad choices. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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  2. Carol, thank you for reading and reviewing both of my books. It means the world to me that a fine writer such as yourself enjoyed them and even went the extra step to blog about them. And I’m tickled that you got a kick out of the slang!
    Maybe one day you’ll get to visit my province and check out the unique scenery for yourself. Thanks again. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Toni. It’s a very sweet and endearing story. Brought me back to when I first started dating. The kind of book you want to read relaxing on a porch. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I so appreciate it. ❤

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  3. Wrt ‘bangin’ and ‘pretty dope’ – I like how the use of the same language is transformed across generations until they require the support of a cultural translator to bridge 🙂

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    • It’s an enjoyable read. It’s light and the characters are enjoyable. A bit of escapism from our daily lives. Hope you are coping, Debby, At least from your blog entries you seem to be. Going through your husband’s belongings in your move must be (must have been) very emotional and hopefully it brought you some healing. xxx

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      • It’s on my reading list now Carol. And I’m still going through stuff as I am moving in 4 weeks. I haven’t stopped doing through this whole journey of sadness. Waiting to exhale. ❤

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  5. Carol, a lovely review and I agree that YA books should not detract people of all ages to read the books. This sounds like a winner for everyone and like the exploration of family and relationships. Yeah! Great you’ve learnt some new slang along the way … it’s interesting to see how it changes over the years! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 😀❤️

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