Pamela S. Wight: Flashes of Life

Flashes of Life is Pamela S. Wight’s love story to her family: her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her son-in law. It is a treasure for her family to behold. What a wonderful gift!

Having said this, it also goes beyond the personal and into our collective consciousness. Her flash fiction stories are relatable in their universal truths about “extraordinary ordinary” life situations. Think of a middle-aged woman dancing in front of a mirror on a Wednesday afternoon. Or, Remember those first days of school, when the teacher asked you to write about your summer vacation? What did you focus on? How about Watching the sleep of babies in so total, full abandon? And an old favorite, Life is short, give up what is unnecessary.

Pamela S. Wight (don’t ask what the S stands for…she herself doesn’t know) bears her soul abundant with consideration, kind-heartedness and benevolence. This is most evident in her flash fiction about the shrimp meal which her son in law made. You have to love her!

We toasted to each other, to shrimp, and to ordinary family get-togethers that are extraordinary in their ability to make us happy.

As someone who writes crime fiction and reads a lot of crime fiction this was such a welcome contrast of pure love and the reassurance that life can and is beautiful.

Flashes of Life is entertaining, sharp and always very perceptive. In short, it is a treat. Much like ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon.

In the end, All you need is love.

28 thoughts on “Pamela S. Wight: Flashes of Life

  1. Hi Carol, I have “Flashes of Life” on my ereader and I greatly look forward to reading the stories in this book. I love Pamela’s writing. A great heartfelt phrase “…such a welcome contrast of pure love and the reassurance that life can and is beautiful.” Crime fiction is still a great escape, especially when it is fiction.

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  2. I had to wait until the lump in my throat and the (happy) tears in my eyes dissipated before I could comment, Carol. THANK you for understanding and explaining exactly what I was trying to accomplish when I wrote Flashes of Life. We all have such extraordinary beauty and gifts in our lives – sometimes we just need that reminder to pay attention to the ordinary. I’m not a “Pollyanna” but I love appreciating what’s right in front of me – and of each of us. Oh dear, I’m blathering. Wonderful review, and if you wouldn’t mind placing it on Amazon and Goodreads, I’d be much obliged. Now, keep on writing your “crime fiction” as well as your contemporary fiction, all of which I enjoy so much.

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