Sara Nisha Adams: The Reading List

Reading this stunning debut novel made me think of friends in my past whom I hadn’t thought of in years. It made me think of places I had visited; trips I had taken and experiences I’d had that I’d forgotten about. The novel brought me back to many of the books on the list that I had read giving me a glimpse into my past and a dream of my future.

A mysterious person has left Just in case you need it a list of eight books to read in: library books, at the bus stop, at the yoga studio, in the supermarket, the community garden and other places. The novel centers around two main characters. Seventeen-year-old, Aleisha who has a summer job working in a library and who lives with her older brother and her mother who suffers from severe depression. The other main character is Mukesh, a man in his seventies who is grieving the death of his loving wife and trying to cope with his loss. A friendship evolves between these two characters as Aleisha recommends books (from a list left in a novel) to Mukesh. As they discuss these novels their reflections comfort them on their grief.  

This is a novel about how books have the power to heal. It is a novel about the injustices in the world, about terror, guilt and regret. It is about the magic of books to enhance lives and bring a community together.

The Reading List is a vivid and beautifully written story with unforgettable characters that will crush your heart.

 As an added bonus to this book, I would recommend it to anyone who must write a synopsis of their own novel for it succinctly illustrates how the author captures the essence of each of the novels on the list.    

17 thoughts on “Sara Nisha Adams: The Reading List

  1. What an innovative idea to use books as a bonding tool like that! I like that idea very much, Carol, and I can certainly see how it could work. The characters sound well-rounded and appealing, too. I can understand how this book was so appealing to you.


  2. Carol, the concept and characters of this book as described so eloquently by you here intrigues me deeply. What a superb idea, books within a book,used to heal, form friendships, leading the characters (and us readers) forward in life. It sounds like a daunting book to write … and one I can’t wait to read! It’s going straight in my Christmas list! Thank you for sharing!


    • I’m glad to know that it’s on your Christmas list, Annika. I don’t think you will be disappointed. For such a young writer, the author holds a great deal of insight and speaks with an open and frank voice. I absolutely loved this book! xxx

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    • A mouse jumping around! 🙂 I think writers get impulsive when writing – we don’t want to miss an idea going through our heads. Thanks for being here, Ellie, and for your kind words about my review. ❤

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    • Glad I did, Jacqui. The book is definitely one of the best I’ve read this year. I tend to read a lot of thrillers but this one isn’t that at all. It’s just a great story about community and kindness and amidst the sorrow lots of love.


    • It is , Darlene, a great idea and also a great story. xxx If you get around to reading it you might be inspired by the nine year old granddaughter who loves reading. It was so wonderful to see a child loving books. You bring that love for reading to children through your books, Darlene. xxx


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